41 Adult Things

"Kitten yes or no - that's all I need." Ying Yue stared into his dark almond eyes as he said this. She believed his words but his eyes showed the sincerity and seriousness of his words. It was a hard question and she honestly didn't know where she stood on the matter. Kissing him was....enjoyable, she could admit it but would she let him do it now? This was the first time that he had asked her beforehand, maybe it was because she had gotten angry at him before so he was trying to be more careful?

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They were going a lot faster than what she thought normal civilians did when doing whatever this even was. She had no name for this relationship they had and the ambiguity did not help her situation. Adding on that if she said yes would this not be directly admitting she wanted to kiss him? How could she be so shameless? The more she thought the more confused she was about her answer.

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