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Farming lord


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Leo lived a good life. But he was old and didn’t want to die. He has a family and for the first time this year he won’t be farming. You see Leo is an inventor and a farmer. He found a way to get robots to do all the farming!! Who needs chemicals when mechanics will do it while leaving the plants chemical free!! He will now be free to do what ever he wants. Unfortunately the kingdom of Altranis has a big problem! They are ALL starving, except for the nobles. You see the nobles have sworn a covenant to not control the peasants as long as the peasants provide food. So the nobles simply ask for 95% of all food produced in return they don’t mess with the peasants with force. This covenant was sworn under the God of Neutrality. Just one problem Altranis isn’t from earth and Leo is... also i don’t feel inclined to tell either them!?