52 Ch 52 : Date with Big Sis

" Here, a vanilla ice cream as you requested."

Ray gave a vanilla ice cream to Big Sis.

Today the two were having a date. After all that thing in the Dungeon, ray really wanted some break, and coincidentally Big Sis was also free.

Of course, saying that this wasn't related to the event where Big Sis slept in Ray's room that night was a lie.

Don't take me wrong. Nothing happened that night except Ray embracing the Big Sis to sleep.

Ray's mindset was.. a bit weird, I guess(?)

He liked Big Sis, but he had never seen Big Sis in that way. Even after so many years of Big Sis's aggressive offense, Ray could only treat it as her teasing him as a child.

But on that night, something changed between the two.

When Ray appeared home, and Big Sis didn't ask him anything other than feel touched, Ray also felt that Big Sis started treating him as an equal.

If before, Big sis would always reprimand him for going out late, asking him if he had eaten or even for the simplest thing, Big Sis would take care of him. And this was also the reason why Ray always thought that Big Sis only liked to tease him all this time.

After the change that night, Ray could no longer treat Big Sis just like an older sister anymore. He blushed and became flustered at each of Big Sis's actions, and when Big Sis asked him for a date, he unconsciously nodded.

" Humph, we are having a date here, but you are daydreaming. Do you treat me like I didn't exist?" Big is pouted, her mouth looking like a child, and with her exquisite facial features, no man would be able to hold back themself.

Ray was no exception. Seeing Big Sis like this, he blushed and couldn't help but want to look at Big Sis more.

" Ah..."

" Hehe, I'm just joking. But you still needed to be punished, Ray. For this whole date, you must let me hold your arm!"

" Eh....."

. . . . . .

- On the Morningwood dungeon-

What Ray didn't know, while his DM system was upgrading, he got a new hidden feature.

This feature enabled the monster inside the Dungeon to see the outside world via Ray's point of view, and now the monsters were gathering together as if watching a cinema with popcorn on their hands.

" Coop!" { BOOO What are you stuttering for, virgin!}

" Coop-Coop! { Do you still like women? A beautiful woman said that she wanted to hold your arm, and you didn't give any replies? *Sigh*}

" Coopp! { Amateur! He's stuttering surely because he likes Ellen better. I'm for Rellen ship!}

" Sigh, it's okay, Ray. No matter whether you like a woman or not, I will always be there for you, comrade."

Of course, there was an option to turn off this function, but we will save that for later, and Ray would only know this after he knew his water dragon was masturbating to him in a very very far day away.

. . . . .

Back to the date between Ray and Big Sis, Ray somehow felt someone was watching him now. But after mobilizing his danger sense to the fullest and didn't find any danger, ray decided to put it on the back of his mind.

Today's aim was to rest, so he didn't want to think about something like that too much.

The two went into some popular place for couples. From the couple cafe where Ray and Big SIs share a drink together, watch romance movie together, and go into a horror house which Big Sis hugged Ray so tight that he could feel Big Sis's two big assets was pressing on him.

Time passed faster when you least wanted it, and without them noticing, the sun had almost set, indicating that their date would soon be over.

It's not like the two didn't want to go out and grab dinner together in a fancy restaurant, but both of them knew that they must be back to the orphanage for dinner and prepared food for the little guys.

Big Sis had a bit of unwillingness on her face, and her hand which was on Ray's arm, was getting tighter. She acted as if she didn't want to let go.

" Big Sis. We must go now. The kids are waiting." Ray looked at Big Sis, who was a bit unwilling and sighed.

In fact, he really enjoyed today's date, but if he were to be asked whether he wanted to have an official relationship with Big Sis, Ray was still a bit unsure.

The two walked side by side to the orphanage, but when they were only twenty minutes away from the orphanage, something caught Big Sis's attention.

" Ray, can we...."

Ray looked in the direction where Big Sis glanced before, and he saw a big Ferris Wheel.

This Ferris Wheel is a part of Jakarta's Local night market which is routinely held by the local people.

The situation was far from romantic as it was very crowded, but when ray looked at Big Sis, he couldn't bear to reject her.

For once, ray decided to be the one who made the first move. Big Sis was always there for him from the start, so even though he was still a bit unsure about his feeling, he still wanted to make the beautiful girl next to him happy.

" Big Sis, can we stop for a while? I really wanted to ride that one."

" Eh.."

Ray looked at the dazed Big Sis and smiled amusingly. This girl was so used to make the initiative that she was unprepared for Ray's move.

He held her soft hand and went to the Ferris wheel booth.

For Big Sis, this was like a dream.

She had been dreaming of this occasion more than hundreds of times.

The man in his dream held her tightly and gave her happiness.

Even if he was to bring him to the dumpster, she would still say that the dumpster was beautiful as long as he was there with her.

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