Farm Futanari

Ling is a female pervert that likes to play perverted games, but the game that she played the most is called farm futanari. One day when Ling was playing farm futanari she got an alert from the game. Congratulations you have gotten a special reward, do you accept the reward? asked the alert. [Yes] Ling clicked yes, and she was electrocuted, making her die. Ling was then reincarnated in a world like the game farm futanari.

SkyTo · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
3 Chs

Perverts Reincarnation

An 18-year-old girl named Ling is playing a game that perverts play called farm futanari, because she's a huge pervert. The game is where you have to farm and satisfy futanari monsters. Well, she was playing it an alert popped up.

Congratulations you have gotten a special reward, do you accept the reward? Asked the alert.


There's only yes, so she presses yes and she gets electrocuted and she died. Ling now sees darkness, but she then sees words pop up.

Welcome to the world of farm futanari? said the words and Ling sees a blinding light.

[Day 1]

Ling opens her eyes to see that she's on a bed naked and she then sees that she has a huge cock and a pussy. She looks at her whole body to see that it's different; she is tall, her skin is light, her hair is long and the colour blue, her eyes are blue, her face is beautiful, her breasts are huge, she has a cock and a pussy, and she's naked.

Ling knows that she's in a world like farm futanari, so she's happy.

"Yes!" said Ling, and she goes outside naked to see that she is on a farm, there's no monsters yet, but she goes into a barn because there should be an egg waiting for her with this world is like the game.

She looks around the barn and she finds a big egg.

"What kind of egg is this?" Ling asked herself, and she gets information about a system.

"Status!" said Ling and a game like stat window pops up.


Name: Ling

Race: Human


Strength: 25

Magic: 235/235

Stamina: 230/230

Defence: 228

Resistance: 225

Speed: 220

Luck: 215


Money: 500


Inventory: Grow Up Berry ×5





Ling inspects the egg.


Egg: Demon Werewolf Egg

Rank: A


Ling is surprised when she sees the rank of the monster, the lowest rank is E, then D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS.

Ling thinks about the monster f*cking her until she can't take it anymore and her pussy starts leaking.

Ling sees the egg is going to hatch, so she gets closer to the egg and it hatches. There's now a small black baby werewolf with glowing red demonic eyes, it has small breasts, and it has a cock and a pussy. Ling uses a grow up berry and feeds it to the baby demon werewolf, making it into an adult demon werewolf. The demon werewolf is tall, her breasts are very large, and her cock is huge.

When the demon werewolf sees Ling she instantly jumps on her and penetrates her pussy with its giant wolf cock.

"AAHHHHH!!!!" Ling moans in pleasure and the demon werewolf moves her hips very fast trying to destroy Ling's pussy.

"AAHH!!" Ling moans.

"AAH! Yes, Fuck Me Harder Like The Beast You Are!" said Ling well moaning and the demon werewolf listens to her and moves her hips faster.

"AAHHH!!" Ling keeps moaning and her huge cock is swinging back and forth, the demon werewolves breasts are bouncing and Ling's are aswell.

"God Your F*cking Me So Hard! AAHHHH!!" said Ling well moaning the demon werewolf then cums a monsterous amount inside Ling's pussy.

"AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Ling moans very loudly and her whole body is twitching with pleasure. The demon werewolf then takes her cock out of Ling's pussy. The demon werewolf looks at Ling who is laying on the ground twitching with pleasure with a smile on her face.

The demon werewolf sees that Ling needs some rest, so she picks her up and puts Ling in her bed.

2 hours later...

Ling wakes up to smell some food, she wonders what's making that smell, so she goes downstairs to the kitchen to see the demon werewolf eating some meat that she cooked at the table.

"Oh your awake, here I made some food for you," said the demon werewolf and Ling is confused because monsters never cooked for her in the game, but she sits down and looks at her food that's meat and eggs.

"Where did you get this food?" asked Ling.

"I went out and found these ingredients, the meat is from a bull lord and the eggs are from a sword chicken." said the demon werewolf. Both monsters are rank B, so food from them will taste very good.

Ling takes a bite of the meat and she has never tasted anything like it before.

"It's Delicious!" said Ling, and she realizes that the demon werewolf doesn't have a name.

"You don't have a name, so how about I give you one?" asked Ling.

"Really You Would Really Give Me A Name?!" asked the demon werewolf excited because a name is special to a monster.

"Yes, how about I name you Mei?" asked Ling.

"Sure!" said the demon werewolf happy to have a name, so Ling uses the skill inspect on Mei.


Name: Mei

Race: Demon Werewolf

Rank: A


Ling sees that her stats now have a name, this is because Mei was given a name. Ling then eats the rest of the food and noticed that she's still naked and that Mei is naked.

"I will be back stay here," said Ling.

"Ok," said Mei and Ling goes to the basement knowing that there should be a library with books that have skills in them. After a few minutes, she finds the library and finds a book with clothing magic, so she flips through the book until she finds a skill called clothing creation.

She reads all about clothing creation and she gets that skill.

[Skill Learned: Clothing Creation(Lv.1)]

Ling then practices because a level one skill won't do much and in this case, the higher level the skill, the more high quality the clothes created with it will be.

After a few hours, her clothing skill is max.

[Skill Level Up: Clothing Creation(Lv.Max)]

Ling then creates a black bra, black panties, and black clothes for her. She then puts them on and goes upstairs to the table where Mei is sitting.

"Mei, I can create you some clothes, so what kind of clothes do you want?" asked Ling.

"Whatever you would like me to wear," said Mei, so Ling creates a black bra, black panties, and a black dress for Mei. Mei then puts the clothes on.


Ling is tall, her skin is light, her hair is long and the colour blue, her eyes are blue, her face is beautiful, her breasts are huge, she has a cock and a pussy.


Race: Demon Werewolf

Mei is tall, her breasts are very large, and her cock is huge.

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