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⏩ Fantasy Dreams ⏪ Akira has been living in fantasy almost all her life. It's not something she'd planned it's just how things are. She is lonely. No boyfriend, No friends at the age of twenty three. Unless you count her work colleagues and neighbors. She isn't in good terms with her family either except little Lee. What happens when her family demands to meet her new boyfriend? A boyfriend she's been with for almost three years. A boyfriend who is with her whenever she wants him to. A boyfriend who makes her reject other suitors. A boyfriend with whom she shares all her secrets with. A boyfriend who had just proposed. A boyfriend who is just a fantasy. When she wakes up in the morning ready to prepare to go and give excuse to her parents on behalf of 'her boyfriend' and sees a stranger stark naked outside her door, begging her to save him. She makes a deal with the stranger. She gives him shelter and everything affordable in exchange of him being the perfect husband. Something about this stranger isn't right. Apart from him acting like he's just time travelled and have no idea of changes on earth. What is he really hiding? Read the story to find out


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