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What is fantasy love story

Read ‘fantasy love story’ Online for Free, written by the author SHRUTI_MANE, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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If you add the shadow of death to a moment of passion you are in that instant free of all normal ties, your mind grows still and your body enters a state of non-being. Pleasure and pain, sex and death, yin and yang are mismatched twins, two fish each containing the eye of its opposite. . . I wrote that sentence before my morning appointment with the doctor. It means nothing in isolation but I awoke with those words in my head and committed them to paper the keyboard, the monitor. The winter is cold, bleak, colourless. There are no clouds, no sky, just a grey blanket like a shroud lowering over London. . . The little finger on my right hand has a fracture. It is painful. The doctor spent a long time with my hand like a song bird nursed in his palm, his shirt cuff clipped with an onyx link, the gold face of his watch gripped by the strap nesting in a hairy wrist. Broken fingers are oddly intimate. . . 'You do look pale,' he said. . . 'Yes, I noticed in the mirror.' . . 'Are you sick?' . . “Yes.” ———————————— Discord:- RAJABHIDIXIT#5608 Instagram:-THE_DEVILS_LORD_777 SNAPCHAT:- RAJABHI046 * The artwork for the cover belongs to its respective creator. If you wish to share your opinion on this book, don't feel shy and drop a comment or a message. My discord is :-RAJABHIDIXIT#5608 WARNING:- Mature Content PS:- read from volume 2 (THE SCHOOL GROWTH) I'm sure that will not make you disappointed in starting I started writing without getting any knowledge of reader what they like and in volume 2 I starts what readers wants must try from volume 2:- This is my first work, and the first 65 chapters are not the best written chapters. But, after that, I have made sure to become a better author, and the chapters have become better.. ————————————————

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222 Chs

Eccentric Proclivity; an entwine of facet

A girl isolated from life ,parted from every aspect of happiness; Shriya gets the biggest betrayal of her life from her most loved one. Shriya was half-conscious transient to the northward direction. All she humped was not just the zapped corpse but the tons of evocations, more appropriately; nightmares that echoed in her head time and again that evinced by the red tints of gory overflown from her navel region and blob travelling from the corner of her eyes to the other substantial droplets down in the moana. She could no more put any stress in her eyes so alleviated them .The gleaming sun slowly blurred and finally went out of sight in few seconds. “Her highness is alive!!!” A maid exclaimed in surprise seeing her moving her fingers slightly . “Thanks to the almighty and the heavenly powers. You woke up!!How are you feeling now. You have been in bed for long. You must be numb. Please drink this.” “For long??”Shriya asked with cracking voice. “Yeah!!It has been 10 years already!!” “10 years??” Her eyes went to the frames hanging in the walls. She woke up and approached the frame. As she touched it a crate appeared beneath the frame which came off with a glimmering diary with silver sculpts with the date written in the topmost corner . “1620 B.C.” She picked it up and turned the 1st page. Some golden glint arose from the diary forming few creases. “Welcome to my life Shriya” Yes.. Shriya transmigrated as royal princess of the strongest clan of different time dimension. One who is admired by all, who is stronger than tor and probably has ability to see what is unseen(as per the statement in the diary.)But what killed her??Was it some veiled mystery??Was it love??Or hatred?? Shriya is entering a new epoch in her life where she will be carrying two lives together or maybe millions, who knows. Will she be worth being the saviour of the clan the princess loosed her life for, in this helpless and lifeless state caused by her past traumas??Or will something magical happen that will change everything!!!The most magical feeling in the world that she could never witness “Proclivity”

ShristiAdhikari · Fantasy
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