5 New System Function: Opportunity Guidance!

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Ye Lingyun was stunned; the sudden turn of events had gotten her a little flustered. If she remembered correctly, two months ago, her senior had only been in the late stages of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Could it be that he had been hiding his strength?

"Is everything okay?"

Su'en's usual gentle smile returned–a stark contrast to his earlier icy demeanor–and his tone was full of concern.

"I'm fine." Ye Lingyun shook herself out of her daze. "Things didn't come to blows until after you arrived."

"Good to know." Su'en smiled and nodded.

"Senior, this is the Four-Colored Immortal Spirit Flower we found yesterday!"

While they were talking, a female disciple had approached them, holding a magical-looking flower of four different colors. Even though its spiritual properties were currently absent, its scent lingered, leaving a soothing effect.

As one of the main ingredients for refining fourth-grade or even fifth-grade medicinal pills, the Four-Colored Immortal Spirit Flower could also be used to feed magical beasts. Apart from increasing one's closeness to said beasts, the flower could also assist in cultivation. Nobles in the Heavenly Domain would fight to the death for possession of the Four-Colored Immortal Spirit Flower, let alone in the heavens themselves.

"Senior, if you hadn't been around today, we would have lost the flower to them. It's only right that we give it to you." Blushing, the girl put the flower in Su'en's hand and dashed off.

"Huh?" For a moment, Su'en was dumbstruck. He hadn't expected the other disciples to give him such a precious Immortal Spirit Flower. His gaze fell on the flower, his mind racing with the various opportunities it presented.

Although it had been gifted to him, this was a Four-Colored Immortal Spirit Flower. Coughing, Su'en walked up to the female disciple and returned the flower to her palm.

"I appreciate your kindness, but you don't have to give the flower to me. This Four-Colored Immortal Spirit Flower is useless to me, except for stabilizing my mind during cultivation. Keep it for yourselves. If you can't use it, you can go to a more prestigious sect to exchange it for cultivation resources. It's better to use it on yourselves than on me. Besides, you were the ones who discovered the flower and got into a fight over it. How can I just claim it for myself?"

The disciples appeared touched by Su'en's speech. Their senior was too kind–what had they done to deserve him?

Ye Lingyun was startled. This flower wasn't just any ordinary Immortal Spirit Flower; it was four-coloured. Even if Su'en couldn't use it, simply setting aside and inhaling its fragrance daily would work wonders on one's body and mind. It would be a great boon to one's cultivation. However, he had refused their offer outright.

It reminded her of what had happened two months ago in the Sect Master's hall, when Su'en had given her the Foundation Establishment Pill.

"So such selfless people really do exist."

Ye Lingyun looked at Su'en through new lenses. Bathed by the sun rays, he seemed even gentler and kinder.


[The transfer has succeeded!]

[Tenfold Critical Compensation activated!]

[Seven-Colored Immortal Spirit Flower obtained!]

The system's voice sounded in Su'en's head, to his confusion.

The compensation was different from last time. He had thought that a tenfold Critical Compensation meant ten Four-Colored Immortal Spirit Flowers.

Understanding dawned on him as he glimpsed the instructions of the system: The quality of the spiritual flower had been increased, as a form of compensation.

So that was how it worked!

Put simply, the medicinal effect of more than ten Four-Colored Immortal Spirit Flowers was similar to that of a seven-colored one. And the system had chosen to provide him with the latter.

Of course, Su'en had the option to receive ten Four-Colored Immortal Spirit Flowers, which he could give to others. But he wouldn't gain any Critical Compensation that way. So why would he do such a thing? Not unless a worthy candidate presented themselves in the future, that is.

[Ding! New function successfully activated: Opportunity Guidance!]

The system's voice sounded again.

"Opportunity Guidance?"

Curious, Su'en checked the function.

How it worked was that if an opportunity existed within 30,000 feet of him, the system would prompt him towards it. This function would expand as the number of opportunities Su'en stumbled upon increased.

Su'en had calmed down; now he became excited again. To actively seek out and be nudged towards new opportunities? It was defying the limits of mortal power!

It was already considered amazing luck for the average person to chance upon an opportunity. Even Su'en himself–not counting the Foundation Establishment Pill his master had given him–had only ever encountered Immortal Spirit Grass. Before he had the system on his side, luck had never once bestowed an opportunity onto him. If he could really locate and search for opportunities, then the probability of him encountering them would increase substantially!

"What are you thinking of, Senior?"

The disciple's voice in his ear yanked Su'en back to reality.

"Nothing, just about what to do moving forward," he replied, smiling. He looked at the disciples gathered around the square and spoke. "The Mountain Sea Sect won't be bothering us anymore. Go back to your cultivation!"

"Of course." The disciples bowed and left one after another.

When most of them had gone, Su'en looked at Ye Lingyun and beamed. "If you encounter any difficulties in your cultivation in the future, feel free to come find me." Although Ye Lingyun was highly talented and a fast learner, he had joined the Dao Sect ten years before her, and had a far deeper understanding of some Daoist martial arts than her.

"Understood. Thank you, Senior!" Ye Lingyun nodded.

"You're welcome. This is my duty as a senior, nothing more. You've already reached the late stages of the Foundation Establishment Realm, right? You should strive to break through to the Crystallization Realm as soon as possible!" Su'en shook his head–Ye Lingyun's current realm was visible to him–and offered further encouragement.

"Thank you, Senior!" Ye Lingyun bowed and left.

Watching her retreating figure, Su'en couldn't help but feel a dash of envy at her natural talent. He had entered the sect ten years earlier, but Ye Lingyun had caught up to him in the Foundation Establishment Realm in just a few years.

"Unsurprisingly, cultivation talent wins once again."

Su'en sighed, but then he recalled that he had the system helping him, and that his rate of improvement in cultivation was no longer inferior to that of prodigies like his junior. It gave him some small comfort. He looked away and turned to leave too.

Right now, he was eager to test the system's new function to see if there were any opportunities left behind by others in the sect.

Afterwards, he could give these opportunities to others and obtain even greater ones in return.

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