6 Revenge and Resolve

We landed all our ships, there was no need for them now! The Jackal Warriors were still putting up a fight. People from Spain, Japan and other countries were all fighting against them.

"James, Kari's dead! She died in the explosion at the weapon!" Alex said

"Well, that's one less person to worry about!" I said

"Yes, all that's left is the God in power!" Alex replied

"We can go round the army and travel to his tower, but it'll be risky!"

"It's our best chance, we must do this!"

We walked through trees avoiding all the warriors, and prepared for our battle against Anubis!

Jackal Guards stood at the foot of the stairs, they adapted to there defensive position. Guards ran towards both of us.

I used my sword to attack one of the guards. I slashed at there body and then their head, killing it. A second guard attack at my side however I dodged. Two guards charged at me from both sides. I backflip above them and slash my blades down there face.

Alex was still fighting, his guards. I went over to help him, but he looked at me and had a "Go, I've got them" look.

The stairs were now empty, at the top of them were two guards who I stabbed and killed. Now it was only me and Anubis in the room.

"James Renstride, I see you survived!" He said

"Indeed, it wasn't the best of attacks, but one for the legend!" I said

"Legend? The only legend here is me! Once I kill you I will tell the tale of how I destroyed the famous Renstride family!" He then grabbed his staff.

He ran towards me and jumped down on me, I blocked his attempt at an attack. He swung at my side, block. He swung at my head, block. He tried more and more until I kicked him back, he groaned as he thumped onto the floor. It was my turn. He scrambled back onto his feet.

I hit high then low, block. I go to hit his head, but quickly swap to lower body, block. We clashed together, this was an even fight anyone could win!

"Your friends will soon be dead and no one will be able to help you!" Anubis said

"You say that when we destroyed your only weapon, your only apprentice, all you have is a group people inside the bodies of Jackals!" I replied

"If only your father was here to help you and your friends!"

My power rose, he had angered me and I felt something different. My eyes glowed as a new force awoke within me. I was now determined to beat him! I performed quick moves on Anubis and pushed him away. I pulled his staff into my hand and snapped it. He was weaponless, he was weak!

I ran towards him to finally kill him. Yet he slid away and picked up his broken staff. The staff regrew, he was still powerful. I ran towards him and smashed the top of his staff. It shattered into pieces.

"NO!" He screamed

The world trembled and a blast of energy flew from the tower, causing part of it to collapse

"Commander Akimasa, what's happening?" A warrior asked the warriors that were still alive fell to the floor as if they had just died. They slowly and grotesquely converted back into humans.

"I think James did it, he destroyed him!" Commander Akimasa replies

Alex came up to the room, he saw that Anubis was now powerless and that he had lost.

"You... you destroyed my ultimate power!" He said in terror, he could no longer escape! He was trapped!

"Yes, now I will turn you over to the off-" I began until BANG!

I looked up and Alex had shot a plasma bolt into him, killing him. I stare at him, in shock. A boy who was full of excitement and happiness had now turned into a murderer. He left the building without a word spoken. I looked around his tower and saw the one note that stood out to me, it read:

32 Heavonrock Road, on the cat

I took the paper and left, my work was done.

1 Month Later...

The day had come when they would blow up the tower. People had placed small reality bombs that would evaporate the tower and its rubble!

"Finally, freedom from the monster!" People started shouting, Alex (who was stood next to me) turns to me.

"James, remember that alternate universe?" he said

"Yes, why?" I asked

"They're still fighting Anubis and now that I know what to do against him, I can help them. I'm going to help them!" He replied

"Are you sure?" I asked

"Yes, goodbye James," He said as he walked away to leave.

I travelled to the address on the paper and met a woman, named Isobel. She owned a cat and inside its collar was a map to my father. I would finally find him!

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The time had come where I would finally find my father. The map went to a snow-covered mountain, where there was a massive metal door engraved into the side of it. I open it and there are skeletons and bones on the floor. It smelt of rotting people who had died in here.

I saw one person hanging on the wall, it was Bill.

"Bill! Bill, are you ok?" No reply, I shine a light onto him and see that he had been cut open. He was dead. I walked along the wall, a tank was glowing with green water, which was named Pixie Blood. Either that was Blood of Pixies or it was called that, but inside it was my father!

The liquid was keeping him alive, for all these years. However, he had aged much more than usual.

"You finally found him!" I turned to a man, he was hidden in the shadows. I moved the light up into his direction

"You're the guy from my shop!" I exclaimed

"Indeed! I imprisoned your father all them years ago to preserve him for when the world needed him the most!"

"We needed him for the battle against Anubis!" I shouted

"As you can see, he is older, he has aged 20 years not 10. My attempt to preserve his age failed and now he's practically a living fossil," he said, "All I need now is you and I will perfect the preservation proc-"

I threw a tiny dagger at him, piercing his heart. He fell to the floor. I released my father from the chamber and walked him out of the cave. He didn't speak for the entirety of the journey home.

"Where am I?" He asked

"Dad, it's me, James!" I replied

"James? James! My son, where have I been?"

"You were captured and preserved by this man, sadly you've aged 20 years instead of 10 years!"

"I've been gone for so long! What happened while I was gone?"

"Well... it's a long story!"

2 Years Later...

Sadly, my father passed away 2 years on. He was mourned by my village and everyone he helped. The Battle of Anubis had ended and so had another story.

The End

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