1 Regret

I'm James Renstride. A few years ago, my father, Geoffry Renstride, disappeared. I followed in his footsteps as an adventurer, but without the magic. Ever since he defeated my grandmother, all magic disappeared and we became a normal civilization!

My father is presumed dead, so I was given his will.

My son,

By the time you are reading this, it will have been 10 years since I disappeared. I will now be presumed dead. I leave you my most important possession, My Adventurers Shop. It hasn't been open in many years, so it might need some renovation. You will find me one day, James.

I went down to the store and opened the door, he was right, it did need renovating. It smelt of rotting animals and rotting wood. Down every aisle was a treasure, the Heart of Searing, a Potion of Truth, Greyjacket's fur braid, magic carpet and much more! I got workers to come to the store to remodel it.

It took a few days for them to finish, but they made it look stunning! It didn't take long for someone to enter inside!

"I remember this place very well!" someone said

"Yeah, this was my father's shop, but since he disappeared it's now mine!" I replied

"Such a shame that he disappeared, he was a great warrior!" he said, then left without another word. Strange that this man just came into my store to look at the Heart of Searing and then left. It took a little longer for some cowboy to come inside.

"I remember this place from when I was a kid. I and my friends would come in and listen to the stories told here!" he said, "I have a job for you that I need help with!"

"What is it?" I asked

"A village nearby says they are cursed, none of the produce for this year is growing, if nothing happens then they'll all starve!"

"Give me a minute to get prepared, we will help them!"

We travelled over hills through caves, until we got to a nice open field. The trees had pink leaves which covered the paths people walked. There were massive fields filled with wheat and barley.

"Ya' see kid, this is their 5th attempt at growing mass amounts of produce, but it's destined to fail." The cowboy said

"They must have a lot of seeds to be able to do this 5 times! What do they think the problem is... I don't actually know your name!" I replied

"The names Bill, Bill Ponum. I've helped many other people, but I can't figure out what the problem with this village is! I've fought Jumplings who robbed a village, pirates and Tuboas, but never seen anything like this!"

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"Take me to there chief or leader," I said

We walked through the village, people stared at me and whispered "Bizi kurtaran o mu? (Is he the one to save us?)" or "Bu Geoffrey Renstride'in oğlu mu yoksa başka bir kanunsuz pislik mi? (Is that the son of Geoffrey Renstride or just another lawless scumbag?)".

Bill guided me towards a Tepee. The leader stood up and looked at me then to Bill.

"Bill, bu sıra dışı görünen adam kim?" The leader said

"He says Bill, who is this unusual looking man?"

"I am James Renstride, I've come to help you with the curse on your village!"

"Ben James Renstride, köyündeki lanet konusunda sana yardım etmeye geldim!" Bill said

"Ahhhh, James Renstride! I have heard so many stories about your father! Was he a good man?"

"I never knew him. He disappeared before I was born!"

"Such a shame, he was said to be a great man!"

Without questioning I wondered if the leader could always speak English he just chose to speak Turkish to hide what he was saying! He brought me inside the Tepee. A giant golden statue stood in the middle of the floor.

"Ever since we acquired the artefact, we haven't grown anything in ages. It's either a coincidence or it's a curse!" the leader said

"Where did you get it?" I asked

"The Kolagumun Desert, a giant hole opened up in the middle of the ground so we looked and there it was."

I looked around the statue and there were hieroglyphics.

I looked at them and knew they said "If you take this statue you and anyone else shall be cursed" I looked at the leader with a destressing face.

"You've been cursed!" Bill said, "The only way to get rid of the curse is to either destroy the statue or throw it away!"

"We've already tried these, we used cannons, swords, furnaces, but nothing! If we put it out somewhere, it'll magically return back!"

"Bill, stay here with the leader and I will go to the Kolagumun Desert to search this cave!"

I exited the Tepee and walked over to the stables where they had several horses. I gave them 20 Kren to rent the horse to take me to the desert. My first adventure was now unfolding in front of me, I now know why my father loved to adventure!

I got onto the back of my horse and strode past Bill and the Leader. We past through a forest, covered in beautiful pink leaves. My horse, Gerald, and I came to the border. The leaves slowly disappeared from the ground, until the ground became sand.

"Well Gerald, we made it! I'm going to have to leave you here, for your own safety!" I said, he neighed. I was talking to a horse. I got his lead and tied it to a tree to keep him safe.

I walked through the Desert, no one in sight. All I could see was scorpions and cacti. I had some sort of sense of direction where the hole was. It was quite big, I had a feeling of perilous danger, so I went in!

Hieroglyphics covered the walls saying about all the curses the statue could do. From where the hole had opened, bits of rubble had fallen onto the floor.

The further I went, the more priceless artefacts were around, I was hoping to find like a book on 'how to kill curses' or 'How to get rid of the statue' instead I found more glyphs.

It told me to read out these words to destroy the statue.

"Buramuna Gunama Tubo Punomooo!" I said. There was a boom and smoke appeared.

"Hahaha! You have awakened me!" A figure said

"Who are you? What do you want?" I asked

"I am Anubis, God of Death! You have awoken me and now I will bring death and destruction to this world!"

"Impossible! You can't exist, you're a myth!"

"My boy, open your mind! Everything your Father did, and you can't believe a god can exist!"

"I'll never let you leave! I could strike you down with a single strike!"

"Foolish child, I am not here! I am already causing pain in a local village!"

"No! Don't you dare!"

"It's too late! You have caused doom on those you cared for!"

He laughed and disappeared! He was already destroying things! All this time he was waiting to live again!

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