20 Kiss

Bryan walked to the food stand to find everyone he knew already there.

"Here." Eddie shouted.

They had some burgers and salads when Andrea asked, "What time is your flight?"

"It's a morning flight. 6 am. I will get a cab around 4am." Bryan said.

"Why do you have to get a cab? I have a car, I will drop you off." Eddie replied.

"It's 4am. You wake up at 11 am at the earliest." Bryan said.

"So what? I just won't go to sleep. Why don't we have another movie night?" Eddie proposed.

Bryan looked at the girls as they would be making this decision.

Andrea nodded. Betty and Kelly were just waiting for her. She was the one who didn't like going out. With Andrea's nod, it was on.

"No anime though. Let's watch a horror mo.." Betty said but wasn't able to complete her sentence.

Hearing the word horror, Eddie shouted,"No horror."

Bryan looked at Eddie and said, "Why don't we talk for a second?"

They walked a little to the side as Bryan was looking at Eddie.

"Why are you giving me that look of pity?" Eddie asked.

"Don't you know what happens when you watch horror movies with the girl you like?" Bryan said like a mentor. 

"You really believe that will happen?" Eddie said.

"Ofcourse, even if she isn't scared, she will be closer,  trust me." Bryan said.

"Alright." Eddie said as he decided to face his fears.

"What dirty things are you talking about that you have to hide it from us?" Betty said and Bryan could see Andrea and Kelly nodding.

"It's nothing Iike that. I just helped him get over his fear. We will watch the horror movie." Bryan said.


They had dinner and walked back to Eddie's room which had become the party place for the five.

The same thing happened as last night but this time because of Bryan's presence of mind, he got a place between Andrea and Betty.

It was complete dark inside the room as Bryan was holding Andrea's hand under the sheets. The jumpscares did work exactly like Bryan had said. Andrea was practically hugging him a few minutes into the movie.

[Is she scared as well?] Bryan could feel Betty's hand sometimes grab his arm when the scary part happened.

[It works. I was right.] Bryan thought of the advice he had given. He looked towards Eddie to see if it was working for him.

It was working, just not in the way Bryan had thought it would. In Eddie and Kelly's case, it was the exact opposite. It seemed like Kelly was the one trying to console Eddie who seemed to close his eyes of anything moved on the screen. In any case, they were stuck to each other so Bryan was relieved that his plan did not totally backfire.

[Maybe, it is true. He is really scared of living alone.] Bryan thought as he went back to watching the movie as he brought his hand to the other side of Andrea's shoulder and down to her waist.

It was these small steps as Andrea grew familiar with Bryan and would not feel shy to explore more ideas.

It wasn't just Bryan who was exploring.

"Muah!" Bryan heard the sound of kissing and it wasn't from the movie.

As Bryan turned to look, Betty and Andrea heard it as well as the sounds got louder.

The three were shocked to see what had happened. Eddie and Kelly seemed to have forgotten where they were as their tongues explored each others mouths.

"We should give them some privacy." Andrea said.

The other two agreed and went to Bryan's room.

"Wow, it's so minimalistic." Betty said as she looked at the room. It was like a standard room without any personal things, even the bedsheet which Bryan used was white which gave the room that feeling.

[Did she just call me poor?] Bryan thought.

"It is what it is. Welcome to my room. You two are coming here for the first time." Bryan said as they sat on the bed.

The trio walked in as Bryan closed the door behind him.

Betty spoke, "I could expect Eddie to be like that but Kelly." She blushed as she completed the sentence. 

"There's nothing wrong in it." Bryan said and sat down on the bed with them.

"Ofcourse, you would say that. I won't be surprised if you two start doing the same thing. Believe me when I say it, I won't be leaving." Betty said.

"We can test that." Bryan said as she moved in to kiss Andrea. To his surprise, Andrea seemed to be more excited than him. It was the long hug which had stimulated her as she responded back.

Muah! Muah!

The sounds of the kissing filled the room. Betty who was sitting next to Bryan could not believe her eyes.  These two were even more graphic than Eddie and Kelly who had tried to be discreet.

It was the longest kiss for both Byran and Andrea. Bryan didn't kiss a girl in the last life so this was a new experience. As he got excited, he tried to use his tongue to Andrea felt Bryan's tongue against her lips. 

She let Bryan do it and even joined him doing the same as their tongues intervined.

"I got it. You guys are worse than them" Betty said.

Bryan and Andrea acted like they did not hear Betty's complaint.

Bryan got a little bolder as he used his hand to support Andrea's head as his tongue dived deep into her mouth. Betty could see it clearly, it was like they were giving her a show.

Andrea even climbed onto Bryan's lap as Bryan supported Andrea's butt. It was at moment Betty had enough.

"I am leaving." 

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