17 Kiss

"I can't make friends if I live alone." Eddie said.

"You liar. I already know you are too scared to live alone. Don't make excuses."  Betty said.

Eddie could never win against Betty.

Bryan looked at Eddie too. He never thought there would be people like Eddie. 

"Don't give me that look. I just like the campus. Isn't it more fun this way." Eddie said.

"I know." Brian reassured him. He wasn't going to tease Eddie about it after all he had his money.

"Why don't we go back to the college campus?" Kelly said.

"I wanted to party but that guy ruined everything." Betty said.

"Let's go to my room. I have all the things we need." Eddie said.

Betty looked at Kelly and saw her nod.


"Kelly, you go with Eddie. I have to talk with him. You come with me." Betty said.

Bryan walked with Betty to her car. It was a BMW but an older edition and 2 door.

[Did she fall for me?] Bryan thought.

They sat and Betty turned the car around. It was at this time Bryan spoke.

"What do you want to talk?"

"Why don't you tell us the project? I can ask mom for money if tell us the truth."

"I can't. Not now at the very least. It's not the right time. Maybe for the next project."

"You are really persistent about it. Fine, I will just add the same amount as Eddie. Maybe, a little less and don't try to cheat us. Eddie and I come from a family of lawyers. You really don't want to mess with us." Betty said.

"I am scared." Bryan laughed as he replied.

"What's the deal with you and Andrea? You came out of nowhere and became friends."

"Friends? She is more like my girlfriend. I am sure about it." Bryan said.

"What?" Betty shouted in disbelief and disappointment.

[She must be devastated. I have to console her.] Bryan thought.

"I know you like me. We can still be friends. Being in a relationship is not everything." Bryan said.


Betty stopped the car at the side of the road.

"Are you alright?" Bryan said.

"You are an idiot. I don't like you, I like Andy." 

"Wait what? You." Bryan

"Yes. I know she is straight  and she even knows about it. I knew she would have a boyfriend in college but who knew it would be so fast." She said..

Bryan didn't know what to say.

"Are you sure that you are an lesbian? Did you have a girlfriend?" He said.

She gave him a weird look and said, "No, I didn't have a gf but I have kissed a girl and I liked it."

"Tell me it wasn't Andrea." He said just to clear any ntr doubts. 

"It was another girl in high school."

"You maybe a bi." Bryan said. It was a bait which he never expected to find the fish but there was no harm in trying.

"What do you mean?" Betty asked.

"You have only kissed one girl? How can you be sure that you just like girls. Maybe you like boys and girls." Bryan explained in simple terms.

Betty thought about it.

"It's true but I don't even want to be close to any guys. Eddie was the only guy I even let come close to me." She said 

Bryan leaned a little to her side and said,"I am flattered to be the second one." 

She used her hand and pushed his head back to the other side as she laughed.

"I don't know. It's just that you saved me back at the party or I would be having a broken nose for sure." She said as her smile died down remembering the scene.

Bryan put his hand on her hand which was on the gear stick as he said, "Don't do that. Why don't we go back and you punch him this time." 

"No. Also, aren't you Andrea's boyfriend. Why do I feel that you are always trying to hold my hand, Mr Andrea." 

Bryan was rubbing her hand at this point. He did not stop as he replied, "I would never do that."

She laughed but didn't stop him.

"You look better this way, without these worries." Bryan said.

"Oh stop flirting. Won't work on me. Remember I like girls and I am telling Andrea." Betty said.

"Are you sure?." Bryan said.

Betty looked at him and frowned, "I don't know. Why would I not have a bf then."

"You tell me. You haven't been close to a boy, how can you decide." Bryan looked at her.

"Let me prove it then." Betty said as she looked into his eyes.

Betty leaned a little to the right and Bryan a little to the left. She was closing her eyes and about to kiss a boy and prove it to herself that she didn't like boys.

[Am I that good?] Bryan thought as he expected a kiss anytime.

~Ring Ring~

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