23 IOU

"Can I have a loan?" Bryan said.

"I am not a bank. The bank is a little away from here." Amy acted like she didn't know what he had meant..

[Like anyone would give me a loan? I don't even have a credit history as of now. I can get one if mom co signs for me though. Let's not do it for now.] Bryan thought

"Mom, please. I am asking about the 40k you said you would give me for college tuition. Can I have it as a loan, I will return in a month with double the amount." Bryan said. The doubling bait had worked with his friends so Bryan was hopeful it would work on his mother.

"Bryan, where did you learn this? It's too good to be true. You shouldn't waste your time." She said.

Bryan didn't expect this answer so he looked the bitcoin chart to see the current price. 

"See this. It's already rising. It was just 200 this weekend. It's only gonna rise when a country declares that it's a good thing." Bryan said as he saw the price rising to 240$.

Bryan knew that it would just take a week or two for price to rally up to 1200 before the slow fall.

[He is too adamant. Just like his dad. Fine, I saved it for him. Maybe he will learn a lesson from it.] Amy thought.

"Remember I am against it but I saved it to help you buy a house when you needed one. Take it now and you won't be getting anything from me when you want to buy your house. I don't have lot of money and the rest is for your sister's education." Amy said as she gave in to Bryan's request.

Bryan jumped up and hugged his mother.

"Thanks mom. You are the best. How much can I get." Bryan asked so he could see how much he would have in the end.

"You know the salary of a teacher. I just have 100k for you and Bee. You can have your 50k but don't expect any more help from me when you lose it all." Amy said as he tried to get away from Bryan.

[50k. That's about 200 bitcoins. I will just have a million dollars in total. Even less I add up the money I have to return back to everyone.] Bryan thought.

"Thanks mom. This 50k will be doubled very soon." 

"I don't care what you do with it, just don't get into trouble. Call Bella, I will get the food ready."

"Okay, I will go and see her." Bryan said as he turned towards Bella's bedroom.

Amy saw where Bryan had turned and said, "She lives in your room. This is your room now."

[It's alright. Why would I care about it. I am grown man.] 

Bryan directly walked in Bella's room.

"Mom! You have to knock." A shrill voice came as the room was just unlocked and not even turned yet.

"Ofcourse, mom has to knock." Bryan said as he shamelessly walked in.

"Brie? When did you come back." Bella said as she jumped out of her chair.

"Did you not hear the door bell? I just came." Bryan said as the brother and sister hugged.

"Weren't you supposed to come back after two weeks?" Bella asked as she looked up. Bella was  shorter than Bryan who was already tall but had grown a couple of inches in the last week.

"It's a long story. Why don't you sit down and I will tell you." Bryan said he tried to educate his little sister. He needed a sidekick to ask his mother for more. Bryan's eyes were on Bella's share of the savings.

"Look at this." Bryan said as he showed her the chart of the price growth.

"What's this?" Bella said as he took away the phone to read it for herself.

"Bitcoin? It costs 240$ dollars to buy." Bella said as she read through the page.

"You have to not tell this to anyone. I have a tip from a friend who said that it will be accepted in a few days and then it's price will shoot up. I just came home to ask mom for money." Bryan said.

"Did she give you anything? I asked mom for a new phone and I didn't get anything." Bella complained.

"Why do you need a phone? Ofcourse, u got it. I got 50k which mom had saved for my college tuitions which I didn't need her to pay. I am saying mom has a similar account for you. If you can get her to agree, I promise you that it will be doubled if not tripled or quadrupled." Bryan said.

"50k, you got 50k. I just asked for 250$ for the iPhone and I didn't get anything. I even said I can work for it but no. I just have to study." Bella complained.

"Can you stop comparing your phone with what I am telling you. Bee, listen to me. Don't you want to be rich? Just like your friend? What was her name again?" Bryan said.

"Celina. She is the rich one." Bella said.

"Yea, even richer than her." Bryan said.

Bella had a thoughtful expression as she said, "I don't get it. How can we be richer than her. Her family owns half of the land around here." 

"I mean it will take time but we have to start from somewhere. See, I got the 50k but this will only turn into 200k at max. Why don't you ask mom to help me a little with your share of funds. I will return it to you manifold." Bryan said.

"Brie, do I look like a 5 year old, how can I be sure you won't be lose it." Bella replied like she had gotten him this time, she wouldn't be scammed her elder brother.

"Bee, it's me. Why would I try to scam you." Bryan said he messed up with her hair..

"You are dead. Don't touch my hair." Bella said.

"Then, promise me that you will ask mom for me. Bee, do you want to go to college and work till you are 50. This is the moment Bee, you have to take it." Bryan said.

"How can I be sure that you will not take everything?" Bella said.

"Why would I not share it with you? I can write you an IOU." Bryan said as a joke.

"Fine, write it then." Bella replied seriously.

"I think it was true. You were adopted." Bryan commented.

"Atleast, someone wanted me." Bella replied instantly. It almost felt like an unconscious reaction.

"Okay, I will write it." Bryan found a paper and a pen and he started writing.

"I, Bryan West owe Bella West, my little sister, 10 times of what mom gives me from her share and I will return it all within a year." Bryan wrote it and signed.

Bella snatched the pen and added a zero to make 100.

"Why are you so stingy? Just add one more or even two more.." Bryan grabbed her hand and added one more and then one more only to see the anguished look on Bella's face.

"This isn't a joke. Write a new one with 100 times. I don't want 10000 times the amount. You are just lying." Bella said. She asked for a realistic amount and did not get carried away.

[Huh. I can't even convince her that I will be rich. She is just like mom.] Bryan thought as he wrote the IOU letter again..

"Bee, Brie." Amy called them.

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