19 Friends Forever

Bryan looked at Eddie as he said, "Go on then. Ask her out. If she can watch anime with you, I don't think she would say no to going out."

"Are you sure? This is the first girl I know who likes it. I don't want to fuck it all up." Eddie replied.

"I will ask Andrea for help then. She can make sure you get that first date." Bryan said.

"Why didn't I think of that? Thanks." Eddie immediately cheered up.

They went back to their rooms and Bryan sat laid down.

[Today was a productive day. Betty and Kelly should bring in about 40k. Maybe even more.] 

[I just need to convince mom now. I will need another 100k and cash in on the bitcoin rally.]

Bryan closed his eyes. He didn't need to sleep but it was still mentally taxing to be awake all the time.


Next morning. 1 minute before the 8 am class.

Bryan just walked into the class. He looked around and saw Andrea sitting alone at the same place. 

Bryan waved to her and walked up to her. 


Bryan heard Betty's voice behind him. He turned around to see Betty wearing the same clothes from last night. She didn't even look at Bryan and made a run for the elusive seat next to Andrea. 

Bryan wasn't one to give up. He remembered the scenes in movies where the hero would save the girl from falling down into a hug in slow motion.

The little problem was the heroine here which was Betty wasn't falling down as she almost raced past Bryan. 

But luck was on Bryan's side or it would be better to say that he created his own luck as Betty mysteriously tripped just as she was passing ahead of Bryan. Bryan swooped in and caught her.

"It's the second time I saved you in two days. Although, I am curious how you would look without the front teeth." Bryan joked as he held Betty in his arms.

Betty regained her balance from the awkward fall," I shouldn't be wearing these shoes." as she got back to her own weight.

"Thanks." Betty said as Bryan sat on the seat for which Betty had made the run.

She didn't fight anymore as she was still a little shaken.

Soon, a fat man arrived carrying a stack of papers.  

"He is the chemistry prof."  Andrea said.

"I miss the invigilator." Bryan said only to get a bump on his arm from Andrea's fist.

Bryan was looking sideways when he heard the prof say, "You there. I don't want anyone disturbing my class. This is the last warning."

"When was the first warning?" Bryan said softly and Betty giggled a little too loudly.

"Out." The fat prof said.

"Sorry." Betty said while Andrea held his hand. Bryan pressed it back reassuring that all was fine and left the room.

Bryan didn't go back to the room. He waited outside.

"I am really sorry. You had to go out because I laughed." Betty said.

"It's only a lecture. What's the big deal? Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about tomorrow. I am going back home over this weekend. I will be back Monday morning." Bryan told Andrea and Betty, even Kelly and Eddie were around.

"Don't you need the cash? Why are you leaving?" Betty said

"It's not enough. I need to get more back home."  Bryan told the truth.

"How much do you actually need?" Andrea asked.

"I need another 150k." Bryan inflated the money a little. He only needed about 100k after Betty and Kelly had promised the 30k.

"That's a lot." Andrea said as she was shocked by the amount Bryan needed.

"I know but it's alright. You guys have already done a lot." Bryan said.

"Wait, I haven't done anything yet." Betty said and Kelly nodded.

"I am pricing you both in." Bryan said.

"Then, you need 200k. Don't you?" Betty said.


"I will try to get more than 10k. I might be able to add in something." Kelly said.

"I will do the same." Betty said.

"I can ask my sister for more." Andrea said.

"It would be a great help if you guys did that." Bryan was really thankful from the bottom of his heart. He had decided that he would be taking care of his friends once he got stronger.

"Why don't we go out to the food stand?" Eddie said before pausing and looking at Bryan, "I will chip on too. I will put my figurine collection for sale on eBay and get back to you." 

"Really?" Betty said with surprise. She knew how much time her cousin spent with his plastic waifus.

"Ofcourse, bros before hoes." Eddie replied.

"Thanks guys. I can't tell you how much this all means to me." Bryan said he put his arm around Andrea on one side and Eddie on the other. Eddie didn't stop and pulled in Kelly while Andrea did the same to Betty as they walked to the food stand.

After eating, they separated.  Andrea went to attend the lectures with Kelly while Betty and Eddie decided to bring in the money.

Bryan had nothing better to do than go back and look at the price chart. The money arrived before the end of the day.

Kelly had chipped in 20k. She had some doubts earlier but agreed when Eddie told her that she doesn't have to worry about it. Apparently, things were moving fast between the two.

Andrea had sent another 5k. This was the last of her sister's savings. Betty and Eddie brought in the largest haul. Eddie and Betty sent another 50k combined.  Eddie was adamant about not telling who contributed what. It was an attempt to hide the value of his figurine collection which he had sold to another one of his friends online.

[This is a lot more than I expected. 75k. It's good to have rich friends.] Bryan thought as he opened his laptop. He already had 302 bitcoins in his wallet. It was time to buy more.

[Fuck, the price is already reaching $230. It should blow up anytime now.] Bryan knew the reason was a government paper by an eastern country which said bitcoin wasn't illegal. They retracted their statement later when they realised that people were using it to siphon money offshore. The ban led to the great fall in value after it had reached 1200 dollars.

Bryan clicked some buttons and saw the number of coins in his online wallet. It had grown from 302 to 630. 

[This will turn into 750k. It seems a lot but I have to return the 135k and more as a thank you. I really need another 100k to cross the 1 mill mark even after I return the money with interest.]

 With this thought, Bryan surfed the internet looking for news to decide on a startup. 

[I know one or two things I want to do but those will require fuck load of money. I can't begin with those. Let's just wait till I buy the programming specialist bot. That will decide what I can do and not do.] Bryan thought.

Bryan looked at the time.

[It's time to meet her.] Bryan thought as he left his room.


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