Fantasia: Tale of Corrupted Hero's New Life in Another World Book

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Fantasia: Tale of Corrupted Hero's New Life in Another World


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Release Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 00.00 AM. GMT+8 Time Zone. ———————————————————————— Someone is called a "Hero" for the magnificent feats he/she has done in life. Whether it is great goodness or evil, it's up to people who define this great and terrible deed. Everyone can become a "Hero" when they completed an amazing deed that can astound the collective — a feat worthy of Legends. A paragon of righteousness in one side can become the root of evil on the other side… A villain for someone can become a hero for another... Good or bad, it's up to the collective to decide... And, this story is a story about a young man who was once called "Hero" in another world in a different time. However, this story isn't about the fantastical tale of a man who's the personification of justice, righteousness, and goodwill who slays evil for the greater good and betterment of people of the masses. Nay, this young man was great indeed. But, he was also terrible. He was the type who was honest to his desire. Self-centered, selfish, lustful, ruthless… He was the personification of each of those words and more. And this is his tale… The tale of Corrupted Hero in another world called "Fantasia"…


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