43 Chapter 43: Lottery and Rewards


[Moon Shadow Island Event Book]

[Degree of Completion: Complete!]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining 100 Fate points]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining additional rewards and getting the "Lie Detection Needle (Three Times)"]

Evaluation: You used bold and meticulous planning to smoothly push the case in a good direction, and no one even doubted the authenticity of your words, everything seemed so reasonable.

Lies turned into weapons perfectly made up for the loopholes in logic, and at the same time ushered in a perfect ending, saving a heart-wrenching tragedy. You have won the favor of fate in the dark!


After this case ended, Senichi's hard work also ushered in the harvest.

Senichi was also very satisfied with the functionality of props, and it can even be said that it is abnormal. No wonder there is a limit on the number of times.


[Lie Detection needle (three times): After stabbing the target, it can make people speak the truth without any side effects.]

Note: A liar must swallow a thousand needles~


Although the remark is still a spoof as always, I have to say that the functionality of this item is really powerful.

There is no side effect to make people speak the truth. If the criminal is locked, he can even directly make the other party confess.

Just like the "task settlement card" in the game, after using it, it basically means that the case can be concluded. Even if the reward may not be high, it can solve the case directly, no different than cheating.

And if this prop is used well, maybe you can complete a few "event books" to get more rewards.

After stopping the case a few times, Senichi discovered that the settlement of the system was settled using the "event book".

I think it's because I changed the original trajectory, and no one was killed, so the evaluation has become an "event book" instead of "homicide case".

After returning to the dormitory, Senichi went to a hot spring for a refreshment, and then went on vacation.

After all, after staying on the island for more than half a month, he solved a big case, and after being commended and receiving the bonus, he was given five days off.

It can be seen that the bosses are really happy this time. After this case was published, the media praised it highly. Senichi's recent performance is also very good, giving the Police Department a face.

That's why the bosses are not stingy with rewards. After the rewards are paid out, he will go on vacation. Senichi just took advantage of the vacation to go home.

Hokkaido maintains a leisurely attitude as always. It is not as bustling and lively as Tokyo. The two have completely different lifestyles.

Although he has time-traveled, his parents have not changed, and Senichi has no burden. He answers his parents' concerns and they are happy to hear Senichi's excellent performance, but are inevitably worried about his safety.

However, Senichi said that he is a brainser, not an actionist, so the fact that most of the dangers will not be encountered by him and these comforting words have reassured his parents a lot.

Lying in a familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar room, Senichi finally couldn't bear the desire to draw the lottery, and decided not to wait for ten consecutive draws.

He is still too weak right now. It is not suitable for him to accumulate fate points for ten consecutive draws.

Now he has 500 points and is about to use them up to strengthen himself!

Thinking of this, Senichi called up the panel and chose to draw a lottery!


[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the learning card: Driving Skills Motorcycle (2 years)]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the learning card: micro-expressions (1 year)]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the item card: sub-function Rope card ]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the learning card: Chess (2 years)]

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the learning card: Mathematics (1 year)]


The lottery draw this time is a bit hard to describe. It can be regarded as the second out of five. Micro-expression is the main professional skill that Senichi needs, to be able to draw this can be considered a gain.

As for driving, mathematics, and chess, although this has enriched his reserves of knowledge, they are usually not used. They are not necessary for Senichi, who urgently needs to enhance his own abilities.

As for the only item card, It is a sub-function on the smart watch.

Senichi checked it out. The length of the rope was 300 meters and it was very tough and strong. It also had elastic that was similar in function to Conan's stretchable belt.

Now Senichi can be regarded as having his own black technology. In this world, he would be embarrassed to go out without any black technology, such as Conan's voice changer, Conan's football belt, Conan's glasses, Conan...

Cough cough... Why is it all Conan? It's like a joke, such as Kidd's false voice, Kidd's women's clothing, and so on.

How can you be a detective/phantom thief if you don't have the means to hang in the sky! !

And after several lottery draws and rewards, Senichi's personal panel looks a lot better.


Name: Karazawa Senichi

Sex: Male

Age: 22 years old

Occupation: Criminal Police/Detective

Talent: Super Sense of Smell

Fate point: 0



[Criminal Investigation]: Investigative Science (3 years), Micro-expression (1 year)*

[Languages]: Chinese language (Max), Japanese language (Max), English (Level C)

[Art]: painting (level A), music (1 year)*, chess (2 years)*

[Combat]: Kendo (D grade), firearms (3 years), unarmed combat (3 years)

[Other Fields]: Car Driving (Level B) [13/20], Law (Level A), Gardening and Cooking (Level C), Mathematics (1 year)*


Equipment: reasoning training card, mechanical intelligence multi-purpose watch (rope*), peace and safety card (three days), emergency compressed biscuits (mango flavor), lie detection needle (three times)*


***Translator's Note: * in the attribute panel means that it is a new skill or item ***

This is Senichi's current attribute panel information. He has a little understanding of many things. If you want to make people dazzle by looking at it, you still need to make persistent efforts.

After living at home for a few days, eating and sleeping, Senichi also wandered around the house by the way. He also enjoys seeing the common sights in the eyes of ordinary people.

Isn't there a saying that goes well, travel means going to places where others are tired of staying and eating food that others are tired of eating.

But no matter what, at least Senichi's interest is still quite high now. When he sees the wagashi shop, he even buys some pastries to taste.

The five-day vacation is not long or short, but the time spent at home should be considered just right.

The first three days were the enjoyment of the reunion, and the next two days were to leave when my parents were about to dislike me. The feeling of reluctance overwhelmed my displeasure at being idle and lazy at home.

So during the five-day vacation, Senichi did not get disliked. He returned to Tokyo after spending five days slacking off at home.

Senichi, who was officially reinstated, had nothing to do for a while. He brought some special products from Hokkaido for Shiratori and the others, and fell into a short-term peace.

But early the next morning, Senichi received an early alarm call.

Just last night when Senichi was sleeping soundly, Conan and Ran spent a terrifying night.

In the family villa of Yotsui Group, a serial murder case occurred, even Ran was attacked.

And now it's dawn, not surprisingly, Senichi's task is to wrap after that guy Conan...

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