1 Chapter 5.5

[Easter Egg*]:

After Ye Zhixuan threw the eldest and second son to the public school and requested a tutor, he let them fend for themselves.

Only the youngest son, who's as weak as a kitten, has been brought by his side and nurtured carefully. Ye Qing was born a premature baby. So when he was young, Ye Zhixuan tried his best to save this little creature.

Later when Ye Qing's in school, he was disobedient. So Ye Zhixuan had to use the ruler to hit his palm. But he didn't like to study, so his palms were swollen almost every day.

Later, Ye Qing went to middle school and got better. He wanted to go crazy* every day. At this time, Ye Zhixuan, who had already loved him to the bed, pressed him on the bed and sucked his nipple fiercely. After all, a meal can make him docile and worry-free for many days.

When he graduated from the third year of high school, the bees and butterflies took their last chance to frantically confess. The little thing still couldn't see clearly and went out crazily every day. The fed-up Ye Zhixuan tied him up, not letting go, and harshly lectured him. Only after that did Ye Qing turned obedient.

Later comes university, Ye Qing obediently resolved the desires of his father and brothers every day. The ruler was left in the study and rarely used again, but Ye Qing was still frightened whenever he saw it.

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