1 Chapter 1 : Family Introduction

Family is that get on our nerves without meaning to, with whom you sometimes stop talking but at the end they are still there for you.

Same goes for the family of Vaspati Tiwadi. He is 80 year old man who lives in a small town named R town in India with his family.

His family consist of his wife who is 62 years old as she is his second wife, who got married to him when she was 16. He has four sons and all are married.

His oldest grandchild is 28 years old and youngest is 5 year old, in total he has 9 grandchildren : 6 boys 3 girls.

Being head of the family and building everything himself had made him value money more as he came from mountain areas to this town to earn more money due to which he has become more thrifty over the years.

His elder son is his pride as the elder son neirher drink nor smoke plus is consider rich among his brothers and peers.

His second son earn least among the four brothers and is least favoured by their father.

His third son is the rebellious one, as he does what he wants and doesn't need his father to feed himself and his family. That's why he is also least favoured by their father.

His fourth son is the youngest and the child of his second wife, who lives with their father. He is also a disappointment to his father as he is in a lot of debt.

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