False Bestfriends Book

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False Bestfriends


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They are BESTFRIENDS. Not childhood best friends. They met when she was 12 and he, 13 and they had stuck close to each other since then. Joan, that was her name and her best friend, King. Now she was 17, he, 18 and it seemed like everything stood against their five year friendship; Joan’s mother’s dislike for King, the long distance from King’s home to Joan’s, their separate schooling and the fact that King was basically non-existent. And then even more bigger obstructions come into play. Koty, the handsome football jock that is unrelentless in his effort to make Joan his; Joan’s unknown father and King, the new feelings he had started developing for his best friend. They have to struggle to keep their best friendship blooming despite all their problems but the tempests are too strong; the storm, too overwhelming and then the final test… Who will betray who?...


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