1 Chapter 1

There were three adventurers one a prince in disguise, one a witch, and one a soldier. They explored the woods finding and seeing new things they never seen before. They went into small villages as well as kingdoms. They meet new people along the way. They loved it. They love spending the time together.

"I have gone to many kingdoms before, but I never been here. I never been to the Dragon Kingdom." The prince in disguise said. The young witch laughed at the princes comment. "Well now you are here not as a prince, but as a commoner." The prince nodded at his friend. "I know! I can't believe it. How do you feel about it Iida?" The prince looked at his friend. "I don't really know. I mean every other kingdom we been in we have been treated kindly, but I can't say the same for the Dragon Kingdom."

"Why do you say it like it's a bad kingdom? Sure every kingdom we have been through has been quite lovely as well as lively and I think the Dragon Kingdom will be the same." The optimistic prince said. "I know you see the good in almost everything since you are a prince, but I mean look at how everyone here is dressed as well as there expressions. They are looking at us with a look I don't like." All three of them looked around and a couple of people were looking at them with a questionable look. Both the young witch and the young soldier felt uneasy however the prince looked with wonder in his eyes.

"Come on guys let's go find a tavern. So we can eat." The prince walked up to a women with wild blonde hair and a dress that was quiet reviling. "Excuse me, do you happen to know a tavern near by with reasonable prices?" The women looked at the young prince and a warm welcoming smile appeared on her face. "Yes. Keep going straight and it will be on the left side. The tavern is called The Old Cavern Tavern. They have reasonable prices for adventurers such as yourself and your friends. Tell the bartender that Sam sent you."

"Thank you so much Sam." The prince bowed and then pulled out his small bag and grabbed a couple of coins. "Here you go Sam. This is for helping us and hopefully these coins will come in handy. Thank you very much." The women who was named Sam grabbed the coins with pleasure.

"You know kid you aren't that bad. Many adventurers who pass by aren't anything like you. I mean who will give coins to a stranger." Sam looked down and was shocked. "Damn kid you are definitely not like the other adventurers. I mean who the hell gives golden coins?"

The prince laughed at her reaction. "It's nothing really. It's a simple thank you. Now if you will excuse me." The prince started walking back to his friends. "Come on guys let's go." All three of them started walking until they heard the women yell at them.

"HEY KID!" All three of them stopped and looked back at her. "TELL THE BARTENDER IT'S ON THE HOUSE."

All three of them were shocked to hear this. "OKAY WE WILL! THANK YOU!" All three of them said and headed towards the tavern.

"Did you give her some golden coins?" The young witch said. "Of course I did Uraraka. Why wouldn't I? If you do something kind then you will receive kindness back. It is one of the many rules my mother taught me."

Uraraka rolled her eyes and punched her best friend. "Geez Deku, keep being nice and we won't have anymore coins." Deku laughed. "Who cares." Iida and Uraraka looked at each other and then back at Deku. "WE care!"

Deku rolled his eyes and opened the door to the tavern Sam had told them about. Once they opened the tavern door everyone looked at them. Many looked at the way the three of them were dressed others looked at their expressions. After they had a good look they went back to their conversations and then laughter filled the tavern.

The three walked up to the bartender. "What would you three like?" The bartender asked. "A women named Sam said that it will be on the house." The bartender as well as everyone else started laughing at what Deku said.

"Sam said that? Now that's the best thing I ever heard. What else did she say, huh? Amuse us kid."

"Apart from saying that it would be on the house she gave me directions to this tavern. That's all." Deku replied. "Look kid, Sam ain't nice. She's the owner of this tavern and she will never say such thing."

The door to the tavern opened and Sam came through the door with multiple bags filled with vegetables, fruits and bags of flour. Nobody within the tavern dared to help her expect for one person of course.

Deku ran towards her and grabbed one of the many bags. Everyone looked shocked as to what Deku had done. "Thanks kid." Sam said. Once again everyone was shocked. "You are welcome." Deku followed behind Sam going to the back of the tavern to place the bags in the storage room.

Soon both Sam and Deku came back out and Sam stood behind the bar while Deku stood next to Iida and Uraraka.

"So kid, why aren't you and your friends eating? Didn't you tell me that you were hungry?" Sam asked. "Well I told the bartender that it was on the house and he didn't believe me. So that's why we aren't eating." Sam slapped her employee in the back of his head. "Serve them food. Whatever they like. Hurry up!"

The bartender ran to the back and started cooking the main special of the day. "Go sit down your food will be out."

All three adventurers sat at an empty table. "Hey kid." A man next to them leaned slightly calling out to them. "Yes?" Deku looked at the man. "How did you get Sam to give you food on the house?"

Deku was about to answer until Sam came into the conversation. "Don't tell him kid. He doesn't need to know. Anyways, you and your friends are interesting. So tell me a little about yourselves." Iida and Uraraka looked at their prince with a simple look that said, 'Don't Deku.'

"Well we are just adventurers nothing else. We visit different kingdoms. We don't stay for long just a week or so. Just to see what other kingdoms are like. Meet new people. To put it simply just to have fun."

"Plain and simple. I like it. So, what are the other kingdoms like? Do they all have similar styles? You know crystal roads. Women and men dressed up fancy like. Gated community for the rich folks." Sam said.

"I guess you could say that, but every kingdom is unique in their own way. Like your kingdom, it's completely different and it's beautiful. I never seen a tavern like this. Much less a castle like the one the Dragon Kingdom has. And I also noticed that almost everyone here has a scar or two and I think they are beautiful. I read somewhere that the Dragon Kingdom loves to fight and they like to be strong. And now seeing it with my own two eyes I can see that it's true."

Every person within the tavern were shocked as well as touched. "I seen many adventurers such like yourself, dressed quite nicely and fancy, and every single one of them say that it's a dump that their kingdom is better. But to see a person like you not judge us and not come here and say that it's a dump is amazing. Heck you called our kingdom as well as us beautiful. That alone says a lot of the type of person you are. Hey, if you end up passing by our kingdom again stop at this tavern. You and your friends will be welcomed any time. Right guys?" Sam said.

"Hell yeah!" Everyone said.

"Alright then I will leave so that you can enjoy your food. Excuse me." Sam said as she had noticed that the bartender was coming with their food.

"Thanks Sam." Deku said. Soon three plates were placed in front of the three friends.


Once all three adventurers were full and had a couple of nice and fun conversations they finally said their goodbyes as well as their thank you's.

They started to walk down the stone road trying to find a inn to stay for the next few days. "You guys see any inn's?" The prince asked. "No not yet." Uraraka said. "We should have just asked someone when we were in the tavern." Iida said as he looked around.

"HEY! SOMEONE STOP HIM!" A feminine voice was heard. All three turned around and saw a hooded male with two big bags in his hands.

"Uraraka." Deku said. The young witch pointed her magical staff towards the hooded man and he started to float in mid air. "Finally!" A girl with long black hair held in a ponytail who was dressed in armor stood before the adventurers. "Can you put him down please?" Uraraka stopped using her magic and the hooded man dropped to the stone road. The black haired girl pulled a rope from behind her and tied up the man.

"Thank you. Now will you please come with me." The black haired girl said. Iida being a soldier stood in front of the girl. "Excuse me, but why do we need to follow you? We did nothing wrong. All we did was help nothing more."

"Okay look, my name is Momo Yaoyorozu and I'm a solider. You three aren't in trouble or anything. It's just that I think that the King and Queen would like to meet you. Now come with me please."

"Very well." The prince said and all three of them started following the soldier that was named Momo.


All five people entered the castle and walked directly to the throne room. There sat the King and Queen of the Dragon Kingdom.

"My King, my Queen. I, Momo, have brought the thief we were chasing for months now. These three people behind me helped with the capturing of the thief." Momo announced.

"Very good Momo. Now throw him in the dungeon he will be beheaded tomorrow morning." The Queen said. "Yes my Queen. If you will excuse me." And with that Momo left with the thief.

"You three." The Queen motioned towards Deku, Uraraka and Iida. "What do you desire as the reward?"

Uraraka didn't hesitate at all she answered the Queen quickly. "May we stay here for the night?"

The King and Queen looked at each other and started laughing. "Instead of asking for coins or jewels you ask for a place to stay. That's hilarious." The Queen laughed.

"Uraraka, why did you ask that for? We can stay at a inn you know that." Deku said. "Look Deku it's getting dark outside and most inn's are probably closed by now. We will just stay for the night and find a inn tomorrow. It's a reasonable request." Deku looked over at Iida and Iida nodded his head. "Uraraka is right Deku."

The King and Queen overhead the small conversation between the three adventurers and then knew their decision. "Your three."

All three friends looked at the King and Queen. "Yes your highnesses?" Uraraka asked. "Your request is reasonable. You shall stay here for one night only. However, I need to know one thing." The Queen said.

"Yes your highness?" Uraraka said. "What are your secondary genders?" All three adventurers were quite curious as to why they wanted to know. "May I ask why you would like to know our secondary genders." Iida said.

"Because no omega's are allow within the castle walls." The King said.

This was a big problem because the prince was in fact an omega. Deku was about to say that he was an omega however Uraraka answered before Deku could talk. "My friend to the left is an alpha and both me and my other friend are betas."

"Very well then you three shall stay. You guard go take them to the guest rooms. One for the boys and one for the girl." The King said. A guard motioned to the three to follow him however before they left all three bowed down before the King and Queen.

When all three had bowed the King and Queen had noticed how all three had bowed. One standing out from the rest, that person being the prince.

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