Falling in Love With You All Over Again
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Falling in Love With You All Over Again


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What is Falling in Love With You All Over Again

Falling in Love With You All Over Again is a popular web novel written by the author ssfx3yuchens, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, DREAMS, FIRST LOVE, MODERN, CEO, SEPARATION, SWEET-LOVE, ONE NIGHT STAND, MODERN FAIRYTALE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 247.2K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 30 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 90 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


EDITING ! PLEASE DO NOT READ Discord ID: ssfx3yuchens#0527 WhatsApp: +18507571234 Plot: "Ruolan, men can be monsters. It's best that you admit what you are up to, before...goodness knows what happens to you." He pronounced each word coldly, and it felt like ice pricks stabbing directly into her heart. ..... Orphaned since young, Qiao Ruo has never known a parent's love. Her life almost falls apart when she is bullied at work in the busy city A, and with her career on the line, she pursues adopted mysterious heir Cree Ye for her scoop. The cold and mysterious Cree, on the other hand, turns to be hiding a secret all along... But why is her heart beating so hard whenever he stares at her? ..... Read along with my story to know what happens to Qiao Ruo as she sets on a journey to find her true destiny, but is her destiny what she wanted in the first place? [Volume 1: First Love] Qiao Ruo believes her struggles in City A is about to come an end when Cree Ye asks her to become his girlfriend. But things don't go as planned and the couple falls prey to his mother's evil schemes. Rescued by a man who claims to know her by the name of Xia Xinyuan, will Qiao Ruo ever recover from her pain? [Volume 2: Reunion] Now with a different identity and career, Qiao Ruo has been living a comfortable life in City N, but when she is carried away by a stranger one day, she realises that side of her which still loves Cree. Will she ever find the courage to fall in love again? [Volume 3: Unexpected Arrangement] coming soon!! An epidemic threatens Qiao Ruo's career as an actress, which is already dwindling due to her unpopularity. But the appearance of a rival in love and another family member causes her to reconsider her choice to leave her former life. [Volume 4: Starting All Over Again] coming soon!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: The female protagonist, Qiao Ruo is a woman whose parents hold a dark and complicated secret. She is not your average goody-two shoes protagonist, and adapts very quickly to her new identity. She will also have her new family on her side to help her with her journey. There will be no rape or cheating in this story.

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Reading the synopsis is enough to understand what the story tells and this plotline depicts the same. The author has portrayed nicely the characters. The description of events is perfectly given. The updates are also stable. Keep it up author...[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


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I like the way the author write it, simple and easy to understand. Keep writing ;)) Bet that a lot of romance readers likes this story. post more :))


super exciting! what a romance. I got hooked right from first chapter! this is just magnificent! cover great, character expression and cute.


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The story is well written and well paced with some really amazing character writing. The author definitely gets better as the story goes on with this.


The male lead of the story chose to have two identities and the female leads happens to be a poor reporter who captivated the male lead heart. The synopsis is enough to tell the story but I’m excited to know would happen next and how they will be together despite the upcoming odds in their life. Whoupd this be a happy ending? How they will fall in love all over again?


Exciting, thrilling, and swoon worthy. These two are just so cute together! This is a must read for those that want to see a beautiful, blossoming romance 🥰🥰🥰


cute and steamy story of cat and mouse that thinks it's the cat. the female Mc is a cute and oblivious girl that tries to get the scoop on me Cree, but ends getting hooked by his false identify


I just recently bumped and read this story and I say this is kind of underrated with bigger potential. Well written and deserve to get a full five star! If you are looking for a story with romantic vibes, don't hesitate and start reading this now. I like this story hope that the author won't just drop it like the others. The more I read it, the more I want to finish it. Hope the author constantly update its chapter. ❤️


This story made me get hooked. It only shows how captivating the story is! The prologue was attention-grabbing to the readers and alike. I know this will be famous in the future because it has potential. Kudos author!


It's an interesting sory! The plot is captivating and characters are expressive, also descriptions of the backgroud are good. I will definitely follow... All the best with story!




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Reveal spoiler


If you’re into some saucy romance. I recommend this book. The synopsis is straitforward and the story is easy to follow. This lets the reader have an easy read while also immersing themselves within the characters. The writer has done a good job with laying out the plot and have very clean grammar. Very nice job! Keep up the good work!


Very well written n the story line is good. No grammatical errors unlike many new authors who mix up genders leaving the readers confused. Keep up the good work . Can't seem to stop reading ur book 🌹🌺🤝


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