540 Daddy - Part 1


A short time later he could see that Elia was beginning to lose her spark, taking longer to answer questions and rubbing her eyes. He didn't care if it made him look weak, he fussed like a mother hen, tucking the blanket tighter around her and motioning to their friends that it was time to leave.

Behryn took the cue first, standing from his chair and leaning in to hug her before telling her he was excited to introduce her to Hollhye.

"Hollhye's here?!" Elia asked quickly, looking around.

Behryn chuckled. "She will be. I'll bring her tomorrow. She's wanted to meet you for some time."

"Where's she been all this time?"

Behryn's face went tight again, though he tried to force a smile. "Our home was always on the outskirts. My beautiful mate is naturally far less… social than I. She had been taking care of our home and others outside the City. But since the war, we've remained here. She's eager to meet you," he repeated.


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