511 Come to Me


Aymora muttered something about Alpha males, then leaned over Elia and passed Gahrye something. "Chew this, it will help," she said quickly. 

Gahrye took the leaf she offered and put it in his mouth without question, then Aymora went back to her pouch and examining Elia's beast.

"Reth," Aymora said, her hands cupped to Elia's chest as she listened to the beast's heart. "You need to call her back. If she's struggling to dominate… or… or come out, you're going to be the biggest draw for her. The beast should be weaker while she's paralyzed like this. Call her. Call your mate. Now."

Trembling, Reth pushed to his feet, then walked to Elia's head and knelt before her where she could see him without moving. Her breathing picked up faster and he shushed her.


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