1 I am not afraid of you

Xu Xinya's serene expressions faltered. Slowly, she was stirring from her sleep.

Over the white bedsheets, her heavy hair was scattered unevenly and messily. The slim petite body, just under the protection of a thin quilt, looked so provocative. It created a desire in the hearts of onlookers to quickly grab the quilt and throw it away to reveal the voluptuous body that hid underneath.

Yet at the same time, her fragility and daintiness and the innocence of that small flushed face urged a sensation of gentleness towards her in one's heart. It made one treat her with such care and thoughtfulness as if handling the delicate petal of a rose.

Her long eyelashes lifted slightly to reveal those limpid, bright eyes that could stun any soul into awe. Every feature of that girl was perfect. Her eyes were like a pair of fine jade with thick long eyelashes and slightly tilted edges. Her nose was sculptured into a perfectly straight, slightly edged shape. Her jawline was sharp, and her face had high cheekbones. Every feature of hers accentuated other to enhance her overall beauty.

Her skin was even more so, delicate and smooth with a touch of natural blush.

But this time those striking eyes only managed to open into a half-closed crescent shape. They looked somewhat hazed, and her face was also exceptionally rosy.

Surrounded by rose petals on the white sheets she looked like an unblemished angel, vulnerably lying at the center of that heart-shaped bed with her dainty frame, ready to be taken advantage of her any time.

"Awake?" Out of sudden, a strong voice resounded in the room. The chilliness in his tone jolted her awake.

Her chest experienced a strange fluttering. Memories from the last night surfaced resulting in her face turning into an even brighter shade of red. Still lying on the bed, her eyes met his piercing ones. She froze.

He merely gave her a rather curious look before breaking into a slow sexy smirk. Yet his eyes were cold. No one could look past that man's icy eyes. No one had ever been able to. Some said under those cold eyes, he hid a savage beast. Some said he was just naturally so unfeeling and cold without any emotions.

Xu Xinya could not understand how, after sharing a night of passion, this man could still be an iceberg.

Just his mere look from him would make one's soul shudder; she abruptly broke eye contact.

She could not manage to maintain eye contact with his fierce gaze longer than this. Or else...she feared her heart might jump out of her chest.

Quickly, she managed into a sitting position. The slight movement caused pain between her legs. It wasn't the pain that caused her heart to beat louder. But the associated memory of the reason why was that pain there.

The passion that had ensued last night...

Shaking her vigorously, she tried to get rid of those forbidden thoughts. She even slightly bit her lip to make the pain distract her from the throbbing down there. Under the protection of the quilt, her hands were curled into fists. They were so tight that had knuckles had turned white.

"Look lovely, don't you?" His voice echoed in the silent room. Xu Xinya paused, preparing herself for whatever words he was going to say.

She knew he was not going to let her off easily.

He continued and slowly walked towards her. The front of his white shirt was still unbuttoned. Everything underneath was visible. He slowly buttoned his cuffs, as he made his way towards her. "Covered in all these marks. Souvenirs of our night together." His voice grew low.

Eyes down, she felt him approach closer. Xu Xinya's heart thumped loudly. Self-conscious, she tightly grabbed the silk sheets and covered her body as best as she could. She didn't want to provoke him. Stealthily, her hair fell in front at the sides of her face and obscured her vision.

At that moment, all she wanted to be was for him to leave her alone. If he didn't leave her, she feared she might end up doing something to provoke him again. And everything that happened last night would repeat. That's what she told her.

However, deep within, there was a certain part of herself that didn't want him to leave...that didn't want him to let her off... that wanted the very thing that happened last night to repeat itself... A part that she would never admit to having.

But what she wanted to be was irrelevant. The man was not going to be so benevolent to let her off.

After she made the first move on him last night, he was not going to spare her easily.

Surely, one night of payment was not enough.

Abruptly, he grabbed her chin and forced her to look straight into his deep, abyss like eyes. Being pierced by his sharp, cold yet mesmerizingly beautiful eyes, Xu Xinya's heart thumped loudly.

Even though, she had been countless times pierced with his gaze, every time the experience was a new one. It was always able to stir up something within her.

"Afraid?" The man's voice was soft for once. But still, it had that dangerous edge to it... the ability to shake one at his core. 

Her heart hammered inside her chest; she abruptly broke free from his hold and looked away. Her actions held ferociousness. Her lips popped out into a cute little pout. Doing so, she made her will clear: She didn't want to interact with him.

When she heard a fascinating chuckle from the man's side, she stared back into his eyes; her shy, vulnerable eyes were replaced with sharp ones. "I am not afraid of you." In a stern, resolute tone, she announced.

Her words were followed by another laugh from the man's side.

"The way you are clutching this quilt as if wanting to hide away from me... Little girl, if you are not afraid then why are you behaving so?" Placing both his hands on the bed, he leaned in towards her. His face inched closer towards her face. With the reduction of each inch between their faces, Xu Xinya felt her eyes widening in anticipation. "But do you really think this little piece of cloth can save you from me?" His voice was still light, almost playful.

'this little piece of cloth can save you from me?' His words repeated in her mind. Startled, her expressions changed a bit when she grasped the implication.

Was last night not enough? Was he not planning to let her off. What did more he want from her when she had already...

A surge of heat rose from within her. She bit her lip in nervousness.

Slowly, Lu Mingyu's hand reached out and wrapped a strand of her silky hair around his finger; his eyes intently looked into her soul through her enchanting eyes that looked so provocating when filled with confusion and shyness.

Under his deep, incisive gaze, it was as if she was naked. It felt like he could read her every single emotion and thought.

"What are you planning to do?" She meekly asked.

'The moment, she broke from his grasp, she was so ferocious. Yet now, her voice sounds so submissive.' The corners of his lips curled up so slightly. His deep gaze continued to pin her with his heated stare. His finger continued to roll her silky brown hair around his finger; doing so his hand inched closer towards her face. His casual actions and cool eyes said all that his words didn't.

'Could it be...that...he wants it again?' Xu Xinya's face showed obvious signs of shock. In response, she inched away.

She had just shifted a bit and Lu Mingyu guessed her intentions. His eyes shifted; he quickly put his hands on both sides of her on the bed's headboard. With a loud 'noise' his hands landed; the sound likewise his actions sternly warning her to not take any action.

'Since she was the one who had started it... She would have to take responsibility...'

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