Falling for the Gypsy Prince Book

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Falling for the Gypsy Prince


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[[BEFORE WE BEGIN:: To any Roma descendents, I understand the title may anger you, but please read the story as it is addressed later on. Also, if anything is incorrect, please feel free to let me know. :) Also, this story does contain suggestive material. Reader discretion is advised.]] Princess Elanor grew up as the good girl, always preparing herself for the day she was to be married. When her father takes over the kingdom and pursues an alliance with the king from across the sea, she becomes betrothed to a man she doesn't know and is faced with the realization of having to move across an entire sea. She dreads the day of her royal wedding, but then she meets her true love. He's mysterious, dark, and charming, but she knows she would be betraying her country if she lets him pursue her. Will she follow her heart or will she allow her duty to rule her? ————————— Prince Nicolae attends a celebration party of the newly crowned king, not expecting much to happen. His nomadic Gypsy tribe begs him to stay but he seeks to mend broken alliances with the new king so his tribe can live in piece. He spots the princess from afar and immediately senses the connection. He knows the king would never let his daughter marry a vampire, but the connection is undeniable. Will he still spirit her away or will he keep his distance?


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