1 Chapter 1: Life Struggles

Important reminder

The first episode is very boring but important as it gives the background story on the main characters that helps with your understanding in future chapter

And also sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes


⬇️close to what Harley looks like ⬇️

     Harley's features:

* small rose tattoo on rib cage

* Nose, ears, and belly Botton pierced

* blue and green eyes

*  ink black hair

* pale skin

* light freckles

* sharp jawline

* petite lady

* short (5,2)

Gabriel (love interest):

⬇️Close to what Gabriel looks like ⬇️

Gabriel's features:

* sleeve and neck tattoos

* dark brown hair

* emerald green eyes

* nose piercing and eye brow piercing

* Built (abs)

* tall (6,5)

Chapter 1: Life struggles

Hi, I'm Harley Davidson

Yes I am well aware I'm named after a bike.

My parents named my after that as my dad wanted my name to involve something he likes, it was jut a coincidence that his last name was Davidson.

My mother on the other hand had no idea my name was the same as a famous motor bike brand but found out after they put my name down on my birth certificate.

I have a nickname that everyone close called and still calls me by, la moto

It means motorcycle in Spanish as my mother Mila and father Samuel  came from Brazil and have Hispanic roots.

They moved to New Jersey as they wanted to live somewhere safer and better for me .

My family always struggled financially but it got worse when my mother passed away from a robbery-gone-wrong.

she was on a business trip as a assistant for the one and only Danika Helinio (is a famous fashion designer) although Danika is well known that doesn't mean my mother got paid well.  After waiting for my mother to get home at 8 years old I learnt pretty soon she wasn't coming back, my father reached out to the local police to file a missing persons report after her not being home for 5 days when she should be back from the business trip. The police were no help as they weren't making it their priority for 2 years.

After hounding the police for 6 months they decided to make it their top priority. After extensive searches by the police looking for answers, they found out 6 months later the answers of what happened but it wasn't the news we hoped for.

At 10 years old I learnt my mother was killed two years ago and none of us had any idea.

She was at a jewellery store looking for a ring for dad as there 7 year anniversary was coming up, a robber was planning to shoot the workers and any Witnesses to take the valuables. My mother just happened to be a deer in the head lights not knowing what was going to happen to her.

My father and me struggled a lot from her death, he started drinking and because we didn't have much money, his alcoholic addiction ripped the only money we had away. For years of my life I saw my dad drown his sorrows with Whiskey and beer that he never knew or cared enough to know what was happening in my life. To survive  I would steal from stores to eat and pick pocket people for money. My father wouldn't even care if I was sick or Badly struggling as the alcohol changed him. We were evicted from our apartment and had to move into one of his friends sheds for free, as all we had was the money I was forced to take from others for fathers alcohol. When I turned 13 I tried to get my dad back but he was so far gone so it backfired on me. He started to hit me and punch until I blackout and couldn't move. I continued to go to my state school and tried to cover my bruises and scars, I was very skinny and well nourished that you could see my bones through my skin this was  from not being able to eat much and only what I could steal.

On many occasions I have had child services called on me from what I looked like with massive blue and purple coloration all over my skin and scars from being punched, hit, strangled, stabbed, kicked, and many other different abusive things by my dad. I always claimed I was fine and that my friends were doing this to me as if I said anything I knew I would end up being somewhere far worst.

I am now 17 and and doing better, I stay out of  father's way. By doing this I won't have to deal with him being abusive as much, I try to go out and stay away as much as can so I don't have to feel and deal with being degraded all the time. I smoke or take any drugs that I can find so I can relax for a little while and try to escape the life I live, this helps kinda helps  so me cope in my situation. I still am very skinny but not as bad as I was at 11-15 years old, you can't see my bones poking out as much and I don't look like I'm struggling with Anorexia badly.

I always wonder what life would be like if my mother was still alive, would my dad be still as caring and lovely as he was before the alcohol changed him? would I still be happy and living a normal like life?

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