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Falling For A Yakuza


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Author here! Yes I removed the chapters. This website does not protect authors from plagia and so I made the decision to leave with my work. Please go to the comment section of the only chapter on my page to ask for the link of where I will now be posting my story. He ruined me, took my life turned it upside down, took me and then threw me but I still came back. Desperately attached to this belief that despite who he is and what he does for a living he still, in the secret of his loneliness, has good in him. This is the story of how I fell in love with the man who ruined me. His dark gaze and devilish smirk had the best of me.

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Wow! I really enjoy this story! I started reading it this morning and let me tell you I did not lay my eyes off my phone since. When I first started reading it I was really expecting a cheesy love story of good girl and bad girl but it's even better! The girl has character and the chemistry between the two leads is soooo enjoyable! Good luck!


I do not have much to say but I would like to leave a review, I like this story. The author has really put alot of thought into these characters. They are solid, ^workable^ people with feelings, strength and idealism, who you can already picture in your head. That's the good, the bad:- the need to know vs waiting.... updates, updates pretty please


With not alot of chapters to go on, I'm still intrigued. That's saying alot, first thing I like is that it's not small chapters, and I get a sense of who ML is and MC. *Dark and dangerous ohhh I like the ML*... lol; and I'm wondering if the MC can truly handle all that the ML is / can be. @author: I really like where this story is going please don't stop writing


I've been reading this story for three days now. And the lack of reviews really surprised me. This story is amazing, the title is like one of these cliché Wattpad stories about the bad boy typical love story but it has so much more to offer. The ******* and attraction between both leads is so addictive to read. The personality of the female lead makes it so much interesting. We are so used to a plain girl who lets the dude do whatever he wants but this one fights back and defies him, as she should. I also particularly enjoy the fast forwarded moments, it increases my curiosity about how they are going to fall for each other! Can't wait! Keep in the good work!


Hell! This story is sooo good! I'm loving the chemistry between the two and I personally like Reo's human side. Him calling out for help was really touching and I enjoyed the last chapter very much! I like how Kanna isn't dramatically rolling around crying and being too emotional about it. She seems really mature acknowledging that Reo isn't just a normal man. He is complicated and would need time and space. She also needs to work on herself, I noticed how every time he calls she runs. That's... a no! Anyways good story! Update please!


This story is great! The length of the chapters is totally worth the wait. The updates are actually really frequent. I love the story. There are a few typos and all but that's okay, it happens. The story makes us forget all about it. I actually love the main lead, he is very interesting. I love how throughout the chapters we kind of learn more about his real self. There's just more feelings and human side to this Yakuza and I love how they are slowly starting to realize how they can't leave each other alone. I love it! Update please!


I enjoy reading the story. The mysteries and suspense is very good.It is just sad why Urie has to kill herself to prove her point. The character development of the ML is a little bit slow. It is a good thing that the female lead is not the helpless type. Hopefully she can get out of her predicament soon before she gets hurt.


We need a suite woman ! We need it ASAP cause we need that fucking kiss Goshhhh like they are the ones playing with us by making us wait that much


Well well would you look at that! I wasn't expecting this story to keep me up late everyday but wow! It's very good! I always wanted to read a story about Yakuzas, I really love how you include a lot of the Japanese culture in it. I'm Japanese myself so I'm feeling really proud! The lengths of the chapters are a blessing! Most of the chapters on this website are extremely short ! Anyways! Loving this! Highly recommend!


I like the concept of the story, it's very different and exciting. I like that the author is given us back story of the male lead, as most novels just focus on FL. The only negative aspects is the character development of the FL.


Reveal spoiler


Please please please dont get discouraged, Please keep updating I'm loving this storyline I want to know if they have a happy ever after ................


More updates please I'm so loving this wonderful storyline, but the suspension for updated chapters is mentally exhausting me please please please please please update


I'm loving this story! One of the few stories that stand out from the cliché "CEO" "Millionaire" trend on this site. I love Japanese culture so it really made the cut for me. First off, I really enjoy the male lead. He has story, and I really like how in some chapters you do a fast forward about how he is gradually going to get attached to Kanna. I really like that broken side of him, it lets us know that he did become what he is now because of his past. Urie also is an interesting, sadly I think her death really impacted the way Reo will love or catch interest in women from now on. It's sad but I feel like he finds comfort in Kanna not because he thinks she is the one who he can only trust but because he wants to believe she and Urie are the same inside. And that's really f***** up. If she falls in love along the way I fear she gets utterly hurt by realizing that she was not want he wanted to begin with. Thank you so much! This story keeps me up all night haha! Great potential!


Great story, the main characters have amazing chemistry, I love how the female lead actually has a strong character, it changes from the usual beautiful-no character-Cinderella-type-female-lead she doesn't take **** from anyone or him and I personally enjoy that. The updates are frequent so it rises my interest, and I personally love that you actually switched from a present tense to past tense, it makes reading more fluid. Smart move! The lengths of the chapters are also totally worth the wait. Usually on this site chapters are too short just to gather tons of different chapters. Keep up the good work! You have a great story!


I was expecting a cliché love story but I was wrong. Great story with huge potential. the main characters are amazing and their interaction and chemistry are on point. Great work author.


Hello, this is my review until the current chapter: 😚 Writing: it's good if you watch your grammar correctly. Mix of past and present tense. Don't forget to use past tense. Don't worry I still can understand but for OCD native english speaker, perhaps their eyes will burn. 3 stars. You can reedit it later. Stability update: because it's still early to judge. 4 stars Story developments: It's getting exciting through more chapters. Keep it up. 4 stars. Characters: Just an advice. Research more about yakuza. I don't know if this story only popped out from your head suddenly or you had been plan this through before. If you did, then add more spice into it. 4 World background: It's in Japan.So, Yes. もちろん、大好きあははははは. You can add more detail on it too kay. 4 stars. Overall it was a good read. Keep improving with your writing. I want you to not satisfied easily. For myself I never been satisfied with my own novel. That's why I want to keep learning. Best of luck to you and I hope you do not abandoned the story. Good day


I really like this story!! It's not like the other love stories we can find on this site. The author really succeeds in holding the suspens while developing her story intelligently. I recommend it 😊😊


Not the cliché type of love story! I love it story so far! Please update soon! The girl is quite smart but acts too much on impulse, and it's not a good think when you're dealing with these types of dangerous people. I wonder a lot if Reo actually ever had feelings for Urie before she died. I mean it's clear that he cared a lot for her, as her childhood friend but was there anything else ever crossing his mind? And I hope he doesn't fall for Kanna because she reminds me of his ex... otherwise this will definitely get messy and complicated real quick


The story is well introduced. The characters' chemistry is real. One of the best romantic stories I've read on this website and I barely read about romance ever. Next chapter ? ;)


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