1 Returning Home with a Child

"Who do you think you are? You might have been a young miss before, but your family has already gone bankrupt! Don't think you can latch onto our family just because you are pregnant!"

"Meixing, I promise that I will look after you and our baby, no one can touch you!"

"Leave this country, or I will force you into having an abortion!"

"Little Xing, don't worry, we will be fine at home, but what about Jingchen? Will he not protect you and your baby?"

"Leave now, and never come back!"

"Baby, we will be okay. Mommy will protect you, daddy will find us later, and everything will be fine."

Lin Meixing woke up with a jolt and looked around. She was on board an airplane, heading back to her home country after being away for five years.

The cool air was slowly making Lin Meixing relax, she felt much more calm and collected after taking a few deep breaths, and her heart, which had been beating rapidly, was slowly settling again.

It had been a long time since last that she had a nightmare where she thought about what had happened to her in the past. It was only five years ago, but it felt like a lifetime. It was before she became a mother, hence it was completely different back then.

Thinking about this, she could not help but glance to the side. There a small child was lying on the seat, sleeping soundly, his hands tightly gripping hers, and her suspended heart finally settled down.

Life had been hectic these past five years, and she had experienced many hardships alongside much sadness. She originally had an expectation from the father of their child to come and find her, but after waiting for two years, she found out that she had been abandoned. Her heart had since then been encapsulated in ice. The only ray of sunlight in her dark world was her little bun, Lin Jingli.

Lin Meixing was the only daughter of the Lin family. She had grown up in an affluent family with lots of love from both her mother and her father. She had been spoiled rotten, and was a small doll-like girl who would throw her temper around, and was pampered by both her family and her friends alike.

Unfortunately, her happiness had not lasted forever. When she was eighteen years old, a month before she got pregnant, one of the directors of the company owned by her family had run away with all the liquid assets that they owned. This had caused the company to suffer problems with cash flow, and eventually went bankrupt.

Before her bankruptcy, she had everything she could wish for, including the most loving and doting boyfriend in the world. Her boyfriend was her childhood sweetheart Xu Jingchen. They had a marriage contract written between them when she was only ten and he was twelve. They had grown up together, and truly fell in love with one another. It was also because of this that Lin Meixing had no doubts about giving her everything to this man.

When Lin Meixing turned eighteen, and Xu Jingchen was twenty, the two of them went out to celebrate, and they got drunk. Some things happened between them, and a few weeks later, Lin Meixing found out that she was pregnant.

Back then, when Xu Jingchen found out that she was pregnant, he was scared, but also ecstatic. He promised that he would protect her and their baby. Time and time again, he said that he would never let any of them suffer any harm, and that he would give her a proper title so that they could become a real family. He would be responsible for the two of them.

Just as Lin Meixing was filled with happiness, someone came to douse her excitement. His mother did not approve of their relationship. The Lin family was no longer a wealthy family, and she would never approve of her son being together with Lin Meixing, hence she tried catching her, and forcing her into having an abortion.

Lin Meixing tried contacting Xu Jingchen, but from that day onwards he never replied to her. His mother also continued to try and capture her, and force her to abort the baby, but Lin Meixing refused.

Eventually, they were left with no other option than having her parents spending their remaining money to send Lin Meixing overseas. She was all alone in a foreign land, pregnant, and forced to adjust. She had been abandoned by the person she trusted the most.

During the five years that had passed, Lin Meixing had been working hard. She had been studying, working, and taking care of her child. She had even sent money back to her parents so that they could continue to live a comfortable life, albeit rather frugally.

Initially, she had been waiting for Xu Jingchen to come and find her. She had been hoping that their relationship was strong enough to survive the passing of time, but as the years went by, she realized that she had to face reality. The undying love that Xu Jingchen had pledged to her, was nothing more than sweet words. He was not going to look for her.

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Because of the fact that Lin Meixing had experienced heartbreak in this country, she had no interest in returning. However, her father fell down the stairs at work, and was unable to continue working.

Although her mother was there to look after him, they also wished that Lin Meixing would return to their side so they could become a full family again. Knowing that her parents wished for her to be back, she could not stay away, and thus she quit her job, after which she returned to the country with Lin Jingli.

Although she understood her parent's wishes, she was scared. What if Xu Jingchen noticed her son? What if he wanted to take him away from her? She was never going to let anyone separate her from her son, and she did not even want to see Xu Jingchen again. He was like a plague to her. The only good thing he had done was to donate some cells to create her little baby.

While Lin Meixing was fully immersed in her thoughts, the plane began descending, and she was pulled out from her thoughts. She tried to forget all the bad thoughts that were swirling in her mind. She was merely twenty-three years old, but she was already the mother of a four-year-old son. Not many had children this young.

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