Seo Younghee- A girl with brown hair and sliver-deep green eyes. She is a pure-innocent and kind girl, She only focuses on her education and her future. Likes to read, listen to music, and could play the violin.

The 13 boys:

First Father and husband to their mother(4 Son):

Seojun- The oldest among the other 3. He has this deep and dangerous aura around him if he's in a bad mood. He is actually funny and sweet but don't make him turn to his dark-self. Can hold a command.

Powers; Control fire and water

Woojin- He seems like a cold-hearted guy but he is actually funny. He has the lowest deep voice among the other 12. Likes to hang out with Mingyu the most.

Powers; Ability to control emotions and dreams.

Mingyu- The tallest. He's a sweet person, funny and he enjoys drawing. Likes to hang out with woojin the most. They are like twins.

Powers; Ability to read mind and erase memories.

Hansol- He is a very shy person, likes to spend time with anyone while watching movies on his laptop. He could be open but only to close ones. Close with Sangwoo(second husband's son)

Powers; Ability to see your past and sense if you were telling the truth or not.

Second father and husband to their mother(5 sons):

Jaewoong- He seems quiet but actually a funny guy. He could be cold sometimes only If he is in a bad mood. He is extremely caring to someone who is important to him.

Powers; Ability to make a person faint just by snapping his fingers.

Jinho- He is a quiet person but extremely gentle to someone he cares about. He is a gentleman with a soft voice. He likes to carry his guitar wherever he wants to, Really good at playing guitar.

Power; Has speed and ability to control time.

Jihoon- The shortest but could be an aggressive person. He could play the piano and guitar, very talented. He could be in a bad mood if someone disobeys him. He is actually a cute person but he doesn't know that. Can also hold a command like Seojun

Power; Teleportation

Sangwoo- The funniest and outgoing person. He is actually a sensitive guy but likes to keep it himself. He has a goofy personality and he could sing very well. He only shows his true personality towards his 12 brothers and someone he cares.

Power; Ability to curse a spell on someone but not deadly

Sehun- The funniest and outgoing person just like sangwoo. Likes to sing, And only shows his true personality towards his other brothers and someone he cares about.

Powers; Able to make people imagine things that are horrible just by looking at his eyes (only if he wants to).

3rd father and husband to their mother(4 sons):

Soonyoung- Likes to Dance and make jokes. He is always careful on what he is going to say but could be harsh to someone who disobeys him. Able to hold a commend just like Seojun and Jihoon.

Powers; Able to control a person's body.

Junseo- He seems like a hard to approach person but actually a caring person. Knows wushu. Acts like the youngest when he is the 4th eldest.

Powers; Cure someone

Myungho- He is an adorable person. Does not like to make people he cares hurt and sad. Knows how to b-boy.

Powers; Able to senses fear and sadness

Chan- He likes to dance with Soonyoung and only likes Micheal Jackson's music. He is friendly but could also be extremely sensitive with just one wrong word.

Powers; Light and can shapeshift

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