Fallin' Flower Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Fallin' Flower

Sage Lee

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  • 13 Chs

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Younghee, She's been living with a pair of couples that she believes to be her real parents. She was like a Flower. Fragile but strong. Petals are pink and fresh and could fall at any time. But one day everything has crashed down when she found out she wasn't their real daughter and her own real father sold her to a cruel vampire. 13 Boys with different fathers but having the same mother in the Vampire World. They are known as the wealthy and powerful boys, of course as well as their good looking. These boys had shut themselves out after the painful past they lived on but what happened when they bought Younghee and made her enter their lives? Will, they pushed her away and let the petals fall? Or Will they pull her to them and give her a chance to grow?