1 Moving Out - Chapter 1

"My baby is growing up!!" A staff said while crying her eyes out, "Mother Tess, please calm down!" Micheal said frantically as he didn't know what to do. "I'm so proud, you were one of the best students I had! Please be safe child as he strikes soon...." Mother Tess said while wiping her stray tears. "Who is this 'he' you speak of Mother Tess?" Micheal ask her in a curious tone.

"When the time is right, you will find out, I cannot tell you or else it may mess up the Fate of Time and cause things to worsen, forgive me child when you find out..." Mother Tess said in a worried tone. Micheal gave his signature angelic smile, "No matter what bestow upon me, I will still forgive you" Micheal said in a sweet tone.

As he got into the car, he saw his friends from the orphanage and staff members wave goodbye as they got smaller and smaller. Micheal slid down his seat and his best friend, Mark, spoke up, "I can't wait to finally fulfill our dream of being a priest at the Lady of Pillar Church! Its crazy one of the biggest Churches in Japan and our dream church accepted us! Praise the Lord!"

Micheal smiled and said "Mhm, I can't wait to finally arrive to the Church! God has really blessed us well," Micheal looked at the necklace that apparently came with him when he was born, Micheal thought of it as a lucky charm from his parents. The rest of the ride was chatty and Mark almost crashed a few times but typical him

They arrive at the enormous Church, people loitering around after they finished their service. As soon as Micheal and Mark came out of the car, they were hit with a strange wave coming from a particular normal looking woman. Micheal slowly approuched her with a smile, hiding the fact he had a bible and cross in his hand. "Hello lady, my name is Micheal and I can't help but wonder that strange aura coming from you! May I have the honor of removing the lingering evil spirit on you?" Micheal asked in a sweet tone, trying to be polite as possible.

The lady screeches and said in a demonic tone "ₛₒ yₒᵤ fₒᵤₙd ₒᵤₜ, ₚᵣᵢₑₛₜ? ₜₒₒ bₐd ᵢ ₛₕₐₗₗ ₛᵢₗₑₙcₑ yₒᵤ ₙₒw! Bₑ ᵣₑₐdy fₒᵣ yₒᵤᵣ fₐₜₑ, ₘₒᵣₜₐₗ!" This caught the attention of people, panic erupted and everyone started screaming demon. Mark did his best to make the civilians back off, so as to prevent any disruption during the exorcism. Micheal mumbles a few words before the demon screeches and fades into dust, he releases a sigh of relief as it was the first time he exorcist a demon.

People clapped for Micheal and praised him. He waved off the comments and smiled, Mark and Micheal took the remaining of their boxes and made their way to their dormitory. They greeted other priest living among the dorm, people would comment about how Micheal looked so angelic. He had pure white hair, his eyelashes and eyebrows were white, his eyes shines a beautiful baby blue colour and he had very feminine features. He truly was a blessing from Heaven

Mark and Micheal moved the last of their boxes and unpacked, they didn't have much things so they unpacked quite quickly. They explore the rest of the house, deciding which box goes where.

After a long day of unpacking, they cook dinner and prayed before eating. They finish up and got ready for the busy fay ahead of them.

Micheal laid on his bed, he stared at the ceiling and couldn't sleep because of his excitement for the first day of work. Before he fell asleep, he heard a whisper....


"Wₕₐₜ dₒ yₒᵤ ₜᵣᵤₗy dₑₛᵢᵣₑ?"

He fell into a deep sleep after that, but he had an uneasy feeling in his heart. His heart felt heavy but he ignored it

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