3 I only wander

Nothing more pleasant than sipping from a cup of tea here in Branstow.

"I am Ben, a wanderer from Milakaya. Also known as the Kingdom of Mountains. I ran off from a family who doesn't give a damn about me. It just so happens that I fell asleep on a Caravan I hitched to. I ended up here in the beautiful town of Branstow.

I also seek for a legendary ring called the "Tendra" which I lost from a game of dice. This ring was given to me by a mysterious Monk from Capitalia as a reward for helping him out with his baggage.

The ring has two Topaz stones in it. It is said that it holds a key for a portal which leads to the other world." I was explaining this to a couple of Grumpy Old Men.

"Get Lost Kid!" one of them responded. "First of all that Dice game is not from this town." said the other one. "you should try getting in touch with people from Adnis City, they attract gamblers and wanderers like you" the other man added.

"and besides nobody has proven that the Tendra exists!" one of them added..

I found them very funny, like I've seen the Tendra's power to the mythical Hylid Realm. And I would say that they really have no idea at all.

"It's okay. Thank you for your help" I replied at them. I turned away from them and threw my short cloak around my chin.

Branstow, a typical town that probably has a population of 1,500. Everybody's smiling back at you. You will seldomly see cars since their main transportation are carriages and bicycles.

Then suddenly a very noisy engine can be approaching any moment.


What the hell is this Chopper doing? I was almost got hit by it as it furiously passed by in front of me. Then suddenly i recognized a familiar face.

It's Vic. Why the hell is he in a rush? And he is driving recklessly while he has someone seated at the back of that chopper.

I am suddenly confused. Is there something happenning right now?

"HEY" a voice called out from my back.

Suddenly I can feel a strong blow of air heading at the back of my head. I know this feeling..


I was able to block it with my knife, miraculously. I was even shocked to know that it was a Battle Axe I blocked. "agh.. What do you need?" i asked while continously holding that attack. The axe's strike continously gives out a vibration down to my knife.

That face, was so empty. As if there's no emotions at all being projected on that attack.

A bald man with full beard and eyes simply all about taking out someone with his axe. His armor covering only his Torso. Man Im sweating like crazy. I might be ended in an instant if I let my balance ruin the way I defend his axe. I hurriedly force the direction of the axe on my right side. It then hits the ground allowing me to step on my left. Unfortunately, he throws a quick left at me while he lets go of the handle.


I got hit in my right rib.

Bwaaah.. I threw out blood with that blow.

"Do not hinder my chase wanderer" he said. "Who are you? I haven't done aything wrong. I am just wandering around.." POW.. Another punch connected on my stomach. Crap! I can't move.

"Stay in the ground and don't waste my time" he ordered. Blood is flowing down my mouth. Damn it.

I stood my ground. "Okay you beast. I'm gonna bring it to you. My turn." then i threw two more knives at him and pulled my Kodachi. I took a wild swing at him and he swinged back his fist like he threw a boulder.

POWW.. I got hit again. "aagghhh.." I slowly crumbled down. Finally I can no longer stand. My eyes hinted that my body can no longer take another round of beating. My brain told me to stay down. My hands let go of the kodachi. This is enough for now.

All i can hear are the chirping birds. They finally woke me up. Dirt has mixed with my blood while it dried in my lips. I tried to fold my body but the right side of my body is really hurting. I picked up my blade and used it to stand on my feet. I started to walk off slowly heading back to the town proper. As I drew near the Inn I stayed in earlier my eyes were doomed seeing a handful of citizens impaled from the post at the middle of this avenue.

I cannot believe my eyes. I think I'm gonna throw up. I forced my body to look away. I wanna get to the nearest faucet.

Finally found one, i decided to wash this dirt on my mouth. A resident approached me after I finished cleaning my face. "Hey lad! You have seen that ye?"he asked. I just nodded. "I think they saw something up in the Nest up there in the hill. These people were just looking for wood. Then hurriedly ran down here. They were chased down by the hooded man threw them exactly on the pole to impale these people. So I tell you what lad, ye get off the town as soon as possible. I can tell that you tried to defy that man. So save yourself lad." he relayed.

My feet are trembling with what I have experienced and what my eyes have seen. Without regrets my feet started to run heading out of the town proper. I followed down a road that says Hallisbury.

As i walk to that direction, beside the road is the vast field of daisies which made me feel more relaxed. It would greatly help me to feel calm after witnessing a bad aftermath. The smell of this field reminds me of a Garden back home where I usually laid to meditate.

A loud sound passed by above me. Its a transporter which usually carries a VIP. And its heading to Hallisburg. What now? Am I in trouble again?

I decided to not mind it at all and continued walking instead.

I guess this happens when I only wander around.

I finally reached the city at dawn. Well what do we have here. This is the Chopper Vic was riding. This was pretty old, good thing it is still under good working condition. I'll probably do recon on this city but first i need to call it a day.