2 General's Girl

Cale and me seated just beside the conference room's door. Sometimes I can't take off my eyes off her. Her dark hair, sweet smile, and of course her curves are the real deal. But I honestly can't beat her in any martial arts competition. She's not a prized fighter I must say, but fights very intelligently. We both met each other in competition's Championship match for about seven times and I haven't won even once. I wish I had the guts to ask for her hand, because I know She'll make an ideal wife.

"Vic! Vic!" Cale keeps calling me while snapping her fingers on my face. "What now?" i asked. General Fabre looked at me "Vic when will the Prime Minister revisit Cannum?" the general asked. "According to councilman Treb, PM Holford shall arrive in the fortnight. They may discuss some revisions on the Bloody Gulf agreement" I explained. "According to the reports, Prime Minister Holford's visit will be a short one, this is why the Chairman would like to give him a clean route and maximum security. The conference will be held in Holford Tower" Marquin proclaimed to General Fabre. "But Sir Holford Tower is quite hard for us to secure. Even the Garners who are familiar of the tower has difficulties in setting up security for the last press conference that the Northern Crown held there." Cale exclaimed. "I will order all thirty thousand Cadets guard the Ground and Top. Garners will be just inside the Tower. All possible protests will be stopped by the Cadets as we shall implement maximum tolerance if possible. Vic note that down and send it to General Massie."General Fabre ordered. I grabbed a small tickler on my coat's right pocket and quickly listed down. This way i can call General Massie while I am mobile.

The meeting was adjourned after some more notes were written down by Cale for her father. Marquin grabs his dark blue coat and bids the General farewell. I suddenly noticed something different with Marquin, he grabbed his coat using his right hand. I'm quite sure that was picked by his right hand but Marquin is a lefty. He left me real confused as I've been with him in Capitalia for a couple of years now. He majorly reaches anything on sight using his left hand. Anyway sometimes we also try to use our weak hand.

"I'll see you in Capitalia?"he said while looking at me. "I will mate" I replied. He left the hallway for the door. "So, where will you be heading Vic?" General Fabre asked. I reached for my tickler once more and replied "Your orders first sir, I shall head to General Massie's office then head to Capitalia". I clenched my first and placed it in the middle of my chest. So did General Fabre.

After a few moments I found myself inside of an Automated Cab heading to Branstow, on the phone with General Massie. "So General Fabre will order the academy to send in all of the Cadets to that ancient tower". Massie asked and sounded infuriated. "Well, that was the message of General Fabre as agreed with the Chariman's Aide." I replied. "Fine, I'll relay the orders to the Academy. Speaking of the Academy, Vic you should try applying for an instructor role in the Academy." he said. How many times has he offered that position to me and I still don't see wearing a well ironed Uniform and a clean shaved face. "I still can't commit to the Academy right now, serving the statesmen is my current priority." I replied. "I know Vic I'm just messing with you" Massie jokingly responded. Then suddenly the call dropped "Sir?? Sir??" I started raising my voice.

Deep inside, I was thinking if these dropped calls will ever get fixed by the Network Providers.

After 20 minutes of Cab travel, I have reached Branstow, home to General Massie. I suddenly got a phone call from General Massie..

"Hello Sir" i answered.

"Vic, my nest has been compromised" the general's voice is shaking.

I felt nervous this time like I'll be in big trouble. "General? Where are you Sir?" I asked. "Vic meet me near the opening of the nest's back canal" General Massie Ordered.

I hurriedly ran the long steep stairs of the Nest. General Massie's home is named the Nest since he formerly commanded the Air Battallion.

As I've reached the 1st station right before the Nest's hilltop, I saw bodies of the General's Guards covered in crimson blood, as if an Axe or a Claymore just ripped thru their bodies.

I decided to proceed at the side of the hill instead. I may be possibly avoid the Culprit and prioritize Massie's safety.

I can now see the canal's opening. I sent an sms to General Massie:

"at the canal, rendezvous at 2mins"

"10-4" the general replied. I waited for the mean time. General Massie walking slowly to avoid any sounds. He has a pulse shotgun on hand as he continues to walk into my direction.

"What in the hell happened here?" i softly exclaimed. He just keeps on making weird head gestures trying to calm me down and we need to move ahead.

There's an abandoned shack beside the opening. We found a rusty Chopper and decided to take it for our escape.

Massie was so silent as we trekked downhill. Like he has seen a Ghost. I 'm having some second thoughts if I will still need to check on Him.

I sent out a sms to General Fabre, of what has happened. He advised me back to escort him to Hallisburg.

Wait that's where His wife is.

I felt safe already so I thinks its now okay to start this Chopper. "Hop in General" i said. The general without a word rode at the back. Then I rolled down to the wide avenue of Branstow.

We were almost at the town's gate a hooded figure appeared. I think he's the culprit. This Guy is over 6 feet. Wearing a Fatigue, then a very old armor. His armor is covered by the hood's extra garment.

I think this Guy is so familiar. I feel like I 've seen this armor somewhere. I pulled on the throttle and was able to pass the hooded figure.

"Oh my goodness!" Massie exclaimed nervously.

I took a western road so I can reach Hallisburg. My eyes was able to glance at the figure but it seems it was blankly staring at the sky when we passed by it.

"Do you know who that is sir?" I asked Massie. "He killed John, he killed Curtis, he killed my Eden" he sobbed softly.

That moment, I felt powerless for both of us. Seems like the culprit cannot be easily dealt with. we continued our way to Hallisburg. Cale was standing in front of the town's gate.

"Vic hurry up will ya'!"

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