1 Brewing

"Ms. Cale, General Fabre needs you to be in the Car in a minute.."

There goes our Butler, doing his best to be polite at all times with a 19 year old daughter and Aide to a war hero who advocated peace in my beloved country of Cannum States.

"Yes Mr. Bateman" I replied. I started to rush down to the corridor heading to the Manor's center stairs. I just so hate these meetings because I am obliged by the general to wear light colored pants with and a plain black shirt. And of course I can never forget my red beret with the presidential seal represented by a gray sheep in a throne.

It's really not that fashionable specially when I am with my friends from the Metro. However the general's rules should be adhered at all times.

As I passed by the Manor's Hall, i noticed a familiar face speaking with father's bodyguard.

"Vic!?" I exclaimed while approaching him with a smile. His hair, pony tailed and shiny. Though his brown long coat makes him look more like an outlaw instead of a messenger. I missed him so much since he has been a big brother to me when I was still in the Academy.

"Hi Ms. Cale, good morning" he replied. "So are you dragging me and tata back to your boss in the Halls?" i said, still smiling at him.

"The chairman is summoning General Fabre to discuss the defenses of Port Leakeen, you know how it works Ms. Cale" he explained. "..and I would actually like to hitch a ride to the palace" he continued.

I held to his arms and pulled him while we both head to the car. The official-issued vehicle is a black Escalade, which is heavily armored and is bullet proofed. Vic opened the left door and there he is. My Father, General Fabre. Hero of Bloody Gulf, and Cannum States' Chief of staff and Defense minister to the States' Chairman. He was smiling at me while I ride the vehicle. "Good Morning Cale!" greeting us both with a jolly voice. Vic Enters the vehicle as well, and the engine started as it slowly drives down the Manor's garden. "Tata(it's how i call father), what's with this sudden meeting?"I asked. "Well apparently, our informant from the capital reported that there is a brewing rebellion within the Palace" he started "..and Cannum States will be the first target of a possible invasion". This woke me really hard, kicked in harder than a hot coffee. "Invasion?!" I replied. He nods at me, and I can see that Tata's face was already serious and a bit troubled. However I am confident that he's already thinking of a strategy.

Our ride passed at the Metro, as a morning habit Tata needs to grab his Coffee for these meetings. "What will be your Drink? How bout you Vic anything in mind?" he asked us both. "Just an Espresso Tata" I said. "A bagel will do sir" Vic softly answered. Tata stepped out of the vehicle and casually walked heading to the coffee shop. "I just really wanted to be like him Cale" Victor said while looking at Tata. "General Fabre, is the real epitome of being as a service Man" he added. "You know what, I just want him to leave the Force already. He's already done enough for the statesmen" I answered while taking a photo of Tata with my phone. "I just hope this rebellion is just a hoax, so that Me and Him can already visit mom in Hallisburg" I continued. "However he serves as the greatest hope for the entirety of all the servicemen. I just can't imagine him not leading Cannumian soldiers" Vic answered. "Quit it Vic, give him a break. He needs to rest sometimes you know. By the way, why haven't you joined the Garners?" I asked. "I prefer joining Landers so I can grab a chance to join General Fabre when the opportunity arises" Vic explained while staring the other side of the street. Father suddenly came rushing back and handed over my coffee and Vic's bagels. "Jermin, let's rush back to Metro Square" Tata ordered our driver. What can he be up to? I am surprised that he's in the haste to get to Metro Square. I tried to open one of the vehicle's Monitors and a news flash aired.

"And now a big crowd of protesters are slowly marching to the center of Metro Square" the reporter said. "all of them are holding their signage showing full protest against the Prime Minister's visit".

"It's a group of Anti-Holford, they're expressing a strong stand against the Minister's visit here at Cannum" father explained.

"But isn't that going to be a fruitful visit in terms of the Statemen's political relations with the Capital" i asked him. "It is, however with reports of a possible invasion, its already a red flagged in my department's watch" father explaining it to us that something may be brewing soon. The invasion is something not only tata should be thinking of but also a hair raiser for the statesmen.

We just made it in time. Our vehicle was welcomed by the angry supporters. Eggs and tomatoes were thrown at our SUV as if there's an omelette party that's about to be fried.

Once we got by the Garner's line, father stepped out of the suv and attempted to appease these supporters. And Father was just like a good speaker in a session hall, his tongue smelled flowers to the protesters' ears. The crowd a bit disappointed but slowly dispersed through the different streets exiting the Metro Square.. All that were left are the pigeons flying around the Square's majestic Fountain..

"Very well, kids let's head to Port Leakeen" Tata commanded. He seated in our SUV and Jermin revs the engine.

The Port is in the outskirts of the Metro. I can see the grasslands of Cannum's countryside. We passed by several Farm Workers who recognized with the Military seal of the great General Fabre. They suddenly halted and started shouting "Hail General Fabre!".

Tata rolled down his windows and flashed his gentle and noble Smile.

We finally entered Port Leakee and I can already smell the sea and hear the sea gulls that are gliding around the area.

And standing beside Port Leakee's Defense hall is a man dressed in a Dark Blue Coat with a sophisticated beret hat. His old cloud gray is blown by the sea breeze. It's Marquin, Capitalia's Chief Aide.

"General Fabre" said Marquin as he offers a handshake as a greeting. "Good Morning Maquin" Tata reaches of Marquin's hand. The two hurriedly headed over to the conference room to start a the meeting accompanied by about ten guards.

Vic reached for his pocket and gets a hold of a beautiful cigarette case. He then pulls out a stick and lights it up. "We should head inside you know" I told him. "Just give me five minutes Cale, this won't take long"he replied, then puffed his cigarette. "You know you can get cancer with that right, then your throat gets messed up then you can no longer eat.." i threatened. "wa..wa..wait, let's go now" Vic throws the stick that hasn't even burned to half, then grabs my hand heading to the conference room. "You know that I hate those words and how you describe it to me right?" he said. I replied a jolly grin.

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