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I never understood why they always placed their hopes and opportunities on me knowing that they might be wasted.

a day had passed since my arrival in Tokyo, I still didn't tell anyone that I was here, first I wanted to solve all my shit, starting with contacting Endeavor to work with him, my first option was Aizawa's agency for the old days but I reasoned and realized that I would have more opportunities in the agency of hero no.

I fixed my black shirt and saw myself in the mirror trying to fix myself and look minimally decent and not like a fucking zombie. When I consider that it looked like a human or an attempt at it I left my apartment.

[third person POV]

The girl had finally reached the Endeavor building, the morning was particularly cold, so before reaching her destination she stopped by a small cafeteria to buy a coffee.

At the entrance of the building he took his cell phone out of his pocket while walking but due to bad luck or fate he caused the winged hero to collide with Fukuro, fortunately despite the fact that his coffee slipped from his hands he could reach it before he fell to the ground and without spilling the hot liquid it contained thanks to its good reflections.

"Sorry, my fault." Neither of them gave it a great deal of importance, they just ignored her existence and her little accident. they were still complete strangers.

She went up the elevator, she tried to hide her presence as much as possible to avoid questions from employees or secretaries about why she was there or why she was going up to a floor to which only certain people had access.

crossing the doors she decided to press the phone number of the hero No. 1

"I've arrived, where are you?"


"So basically the League of Villains is constantly attacking and apparently the UA students have a special talent to face them, All Might retired, drugs were created to increase or cancel the power of the Quirk and you pathetically fulfilled your goal of be No. 1" The girl summed up everything Endeavor had said quite simply.

"Don't act like that, you've been getting reports of everything that's happening and you've seen the news at least"

"I just confirmed it." Fukuro settled into the chair leaning his back on the back giving him a fairly powerful presence. "I suppose you have not stayed with your arms crossed and that you have not only done what I was told by the reports and what the news say"

"We have a couple of infiltrators." The conversation had become more serious and the atmosphere was more tense

"I think you and I know from experience that it won't end very well." This did not like Fukuro and although he does not accept Endeavor either, but it was the only one of his resources. the situation immediately brought a bitter taste to their mouths.

"It's the only thing we can do in this situation." both had no other option, the current situation was a chess match where you had to sacrifice a few pawns, it didn't matter what happened to the pieces as long as they kept the King and could checkmate.

"Well ... going for what I am here and leaving the other things aside, I suppose they are the same as outside but now here, right?"

"In a way, but you will also have to work as a team as reinforcement or support in some missions in case things get ugly" He got up from his seat and went to pick up a folder that was in one of the furniture, the serious expression on his face did not disappear at any time. here are the general missions in which you will have to participate. your schedule and the rest is also there.

With nothing else to add, the girl nodded in response as she stood up and picked up the folder that the other hero gave her.

"Well, I guess we'll see you."

After a while she was outside another cafeteria, apparently the coffee that she previously bought was apparently not enough and also now she was hungry.

Sitting in one of the chairs in the restaurant, he asked the waiter for a piece of mocha cake and a cappuccino, he had to keep an eye on what was happening in Tokyo further, he knew some fairly general things that had been reported to him in the monthly reports and in recent months the reports contained increasingly crazy events.

Above the counter of the cafeteria there was a television station where the news was being broadcast, Hero # 2 was working, then he realized that he was the person he had collided with inside the Endeavor agency building, It was not primarily special but its wings caught his attention as well as bringing back immense nostalgia and memories.

I missed having their wings.


"Ahg damn it, I don't know if it's my idea but the villains now are only weaker than before but they appear more and more" Fukuro muttered under his breath as he kicked one of the guys in the face with the heel of his booty, reluctant to touch any of the villains he was fighting with, with one of the ropes that his hero suit was wearing. last one to go as he took off the handcuffs and put them on his opponents.

"Fukuro? you didn't tell me you had already arrived in Tokyo" A voice came out of the shadows of the alley where he was.

"Hi Aizawa, we haven't seen each other for a long time, I missed you" Removing the chains of the guy who was on the ground handcuffed, he walked to his former teacher and gave him a brief hug, he had really missed him, after all I was used to the fact that you used to go out on patrols together at the time of their internships, He was the one who taught her to defend herself and he was one of the few who supported her with hidden conditions or interests.

"Did you grow up? ah no, it's just heels, you're still a talentless midget."

"And you are older now but we can't do anything about it.