30 Threads of the Church

Azrael and Mirai were starting to get worried about Gabriel and Alastor since they are not yet coming back. and there's no message or any kind of contact coming from Gabriel either.

Uriel came and told to Azrael that she wants to help and find Gabriel's location so that Azrael won't be worried anymore.

At first, Azrael doesn't want to approve Uriel's offer to find Gabriel but then Mirai told him that it is much better because there might be possibility that Gabriel might came back also in their house.

Azrael: "Ok Uriel thank you so much for your concern. And please be careful. If you encounter any demon out there. Please don't engaged and return here immediately."

Uriel blushes after hearing those words from Azrael and felt the concern of Azrael towards her.

Uriel: "Uhmm thank you so Az. I promise to return safe."

She started her search for Gabriel's location.

Uriel opened her book and summoned elementals to assist her on locating Gabriel or Alastor's presence.

"Fire elementals search the area and give me information."


Going back to the Church, Gabriel is still staying with William and Angela.

Angela keeps on asking Gabriel how can she meet Azrael, or where is he leaving right now.

But Gabriel didn't want to tell her.

He hates the fact that there is another lady in front of him that has interest with Azrael. Same as the other girls that he met.

Gabriel: "Why is it always like this. Hmmm. Its not that I don't like Azrael but why is he so attractive to other girls."

Angela: "What are you saying Mr. Gabriel? You mean there are other girls who's into Azrael?"

Gabriel: "Angela. Ahmm to be honest with you. We are living with another two Angels. The one is an Archangel whose name is Uriel and she is so obsessed with Azrael. And the other one is Mirai she is a servant of Azrael when they were still in heaven. Although she's not admitting the fact that she likes Azrael. But I know! I can feel it that she has a feeling also for Azrael."

Angela: "Ohhh. I've become more interested in him."

Gabriel: "What? I'm telling this to you so that you should get the point that there are already too many girls into that guy."

Angela: "But still, I want to know more about him."

Gabriel: "Oh no. Why you are so handsome Azrael. sighhhh."

William came to cut their conversation as he also finished preparing the food for them.

William: "Sir Gabriel, the food is now served please eat as much as you want and feel at home."

Gabriel: "Ahhh thank you so much William. I'm so hungry."

Together, they prayed and have their dinner quietly and no one has even tried to tell any word while eating.

Outside of the Church, there was a noise that is slowly coming towards them.

Still, they were peacefully eating.

Until Angela speaks, "I sense a presence of the devil and its coming near us."

William puts down his spoon and fork. Wipes his mouth with the table napkin, and calmly stands up.

William: "Sir Gabriel, please don't be bother and just continue to eat your food. I will just entertain our guest."

Gabriel also sense that there's a devil coming near them.

He stood up and release his sacred weapon to assist William but Angela stopped him and said.

"Don't worry Mr. Gabriel. Father will handle our guest."

Gabriel doesn't have any idea what Angela is talking about so he looks through out the window and check what is about to happen.

William is slowly walking outside and said. "This is a sacred place of God. Please don't try to bother us here or else you will know what will be the consequences."

Suddenly a demon corpse rose up from the ground.

Their body were almost rotten and their eyes were looking very furious and William can sense too much killing intent from those demons.

Gabriel shouted from the window to warn the William.

Gabriel: "William! Those are ghouls! They were demons rose from the dead bodies of humans!"

William: "Sir Gabriel. I told you to continue your dinner. Don't worry about me. I can handle this."

Gabriel is still wondering what William will do to stop those ghouls from coming inside the church. And Angela was looking very confident at the moment also.

The ghouls started running towards the priest. And William prayed, closed his eyes by a moment then suddenly a lot of thread comes out from his hands.

It slices thru the bodies of the ghouls that are rushing through him. And bloods were spilled on the entire garden near the church.

William raises his right hand and there are threads connected in all of his fingers.

He can control all those threads and it cuts the heads of all the ghouls that are coming one by one.

William: "These threads are filled with the blessings of God. It can cut through any evil that are against God."

All of the ghouls were almost finished when suddenly a very tremendous aura comes out and Gabriel felt the same aura that comes from the Prince of Hell.

Gabriel: "William! Be careful! I know this aura! This is from Asmodeus!"

William stayed calm at his position as the Prince of Lust showed his presence while laughing and he looks like he is having fun while watching the priest slaughtering his ghouls.

Asmodeus: "HAHAHA! That was so much fun! I didn't expect to witness that kind of act coming from a priest!"

Gabriel goes down to support William facing Asmodeus.

Asmodeus: "Ohh. So, you're here! The mighty Gabriel! HAHAHA!"

Gabriel: "You did a very wrong decision coming up here Asmodeus. This time I won't let you escape!"

William: "Sir Gabriel. Please don't engage him alone. His power is too much for us to handle. But I promise I won't leave you until the end."

Gabriel: "Don't worry William. I already faced him once. I know now his ability and I think we can handle him just follow my command."

Asmodeus keeps on laughing and he is very confident even though he knows that Gabriel can somehow control his God Strength he has something in mind that both Gabriel and William doesn't know.

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