1 Awakening

Suddenly, I wake up within a place that I really don't know.

My memories were wiped out, and everything seems different

My hands and most of the back of the body were filled with blood and I have no idea what happened.

There was a person sitting right next to me and provided me a set of clothes. Then he just smiled and said "You are our only hope this is the only way that I can help you." And he just disappears thru thin air slowly fading away.

I started to walk in the place when I started to gain a little bit of consciousness and strength to stand.

As I keep walking on the place that I have no idea. I saw a little girl walking past the street carrying a basket. And there's some weird guys following her.

I feel like the girl was in danger and base on the reactions and movements of those guys following her, it seems like they're about to do something wrong.

I also followed them just because of my curiosity about what is going on.

Across the streets, I saw a lot of moving objects with peoples riding inside and there are shining lights on the street and a lot of people who are wearing very different from what I'm wearing.

Most of the people I encountered were looking at me and I'm trying my best to ignore them while analyzing the situation.

While following those guys, They suddenly approach the little girl and get everything that she is carrying. They also pointed a sharp object while yelling on her.

Guy 1: "Tell me where is your dad? We've been looking for him for a long time and he doesn't give us our money back!"

Girl: "I don't know where he is. Please... let me go"

Guy 1: "No! this will be a warning for him for playing a dumb trick on us and keeps on hiding!"

The guy slapped the little girl on her face and she started crying.

There are other people nearby but it seems that they don't want to help. It looks like they are afraid of those guys.

I can't just ignore what is happening deep inside me it is like some part of my brain is telling me to punish them for their actions.

I can't explain why my body suddenly reacts and I ran through them very quickly and kick one of the guy's faces.

He was knocked down with my kick and I don't know also why it feels like my strength was very different compared to them. I have no idea that the kick I released was able to knock him down.

Guy 2: "HEY!!!! How dare you to run here and kick my brother!!!!!!!!!! Do you have any idea who we are????"

The remaining four guys come near me and the little girl hide on my back.

Girl: "I'm scared…. Thank you so much for helping me. And I'm sorry for getting you into this. I'm very sorry..."

"Don't worry little one I can handle this" I said to her to calm her down.

While I'm looking at the little girl. One of the guys I'm facing started to move. He throws a punch but for me, his moments were very slow because my movement is very quick compared to them.

They started to become pissed off and they want to assault the little girl who's hiding in my back.

"You're a coward. You want to face only persons that you think are weaker than you."

I attacked them very quickly. Each of them was knocked down by that attack that I use. even I use my strength lightly so that they will not going to take too much damage. my aim is just to knock them down.

The little girl holds my hand and tells me to run after that.

After a few minutes of running, we came through the house that I think she was living.

She wants me to enter her house and she said that she wants to introduce me to her family.

My stomach sounded and I don't know why.

Girl: "Oh you're hungry? Thank you so much mister for helping me out there. I can't thank you enough so I want to introduce you to my family and I will ask them to give you food."

I don't know how to respond to that question because I have no idea also why my stomach is releasing that kind of sound.

Girl: "By the way mister my name is Luna. What is your name?"

"I don't know. I can't remember my name." I replied to her.

I can't tell her any information about me because I don't know anything since I came to this place.

At this moment I just think that maybe I can gain some information if I stick with her for a moment while recovering my memories.

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