1 hate when we first meet.

Before you start loving someone you start by hating him or her that is how it is. Lee Soo-ah lives in Daegu she lives with here friend Ji-ah in the same room. They live a happly life but the problem is that Soo-ah don't work only Ji-ah work.

In the morning Soo-ah wake up and went to the bathroom but she found her bestfriend in the bathroom. They alway fight for bathroom. ji-ah come out I want to pee I can't hold it anymore. Yes yes I'm coming out let me finish first yesterday I drank to much why didn't you stop me? I was drunk too how will I stop you while I was drunk too? i told you not to drink to much you must keep an eye on me. I don't even remember what did I do yesterday"says ji-ah" in the bathroom, You know what you did. No tell me what did I do. you kissed Min joon. haaaaaa (screaming ji-ah in the toilet) what are you saying tell me you are lying. No I'm not come out I want to pee I can't hold it anymore jiiiii. Ji-ah come out of the bathroom shocked walking like she is blind person. Finally you came out, why are you walking like you are a zombie? How I'm I going to face min joon at work today . Oh I forgot you work with him what a shame hahaha. You are laughing , you are not my friend instant of helping me to come up with an idea of how to face himyou are laughing.( Soo coming out on the bathroom)it's just that I was just joking and you toke it seriously. are you kidding me ji ah shouting now I was stressing for nothing, come come here let me I wanna show you something you don't k8now me well.

ji ah and Soo ah we running around the house while the other was late at work but she didn't know. What time is it ask ji ah. It is 8am I'm late I didn't even bath soo ah choose for me clothes that I will wear today I'm going to bath right now. Ji ah went to the bathroom than she bath and come out and wear her clothes. She than took her work staff and went out in a hurry. Soo ah decided to bath and went out too. While was on the road the beautiful red car was moving towards Soo with a high speed but luckily it didn't hit her it brake near her and she fall . Soo ah quickly stood up and started to yell at the person who was driving the car. Are you mad? how can you drive a speed like this . This is not a free way it is a road for kid's and us

The driver quickly come out it was handsome cute man she ask if the man I bad was ok after me but it's simw soo

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