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What is Falin Saga

Read Falin Saga novel written by the author Maomii on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


There are two types of anger that a person experiences throughout their life. There is Hot anger, and as its namesake implies, it is passionate and explosive, and then there's Cold anger. It is cold, calculated, and well thought out. And that was exactly what Nanyi felt as he watched 'that woman’, proudly proclaimed to all that she would become the number 1 Chinese chef in Falin Saga. He wouldn’t allow ‘that woman’ to get her way. Even If he had to follow her into Virtual Reality to stop it from happening. He would get his revenge. But first, he needed to sear and saute, slice and dice, steam, and boil until his skills were at their peak. Only then could he cause her as much pain as she gave him by roasting her as she marinated in her own tears. The hand 'that woman' destroyed throbbed in anticipation.

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Hi, Beta-reader here, All I can say is sit back and enjoy the ride, as the storytelling and writing style of Maomii is incredible, and watching her fanbase grow would fill me with a sense of pride. I'm proud to be a part of those that helped her accomplish her dream of being an Author. Proud to have witnessed the growth over the course of haven online and beyond as a beta-reader. And proud to be one of those that came to know what is to come. For those who haven't read or heard about haven online, pls expect chapters to be on the shorter side, but this won't subtract from their impact or the storytelling and helps Maomii keep the chapter uploads as steady as possible. And to Maomii: Be proud of yourself, don't listen to haters who can't read tags or descriptions. Those who realize what you want to archive will always have you back. If people often suggest the same thing, it doesn't automatically mean the change would be good. In many cases, it would make the work unoriginal. Write the story how you feel it should be and not how others want you to. **: STOP PROCRASTINATING XD


Been following this artist through their work for awhile and can honestly say: I think you've finally got your piece! There's a whole new layer to the story that's added something that's been missing. You'll have to read it to understand.


I am really enjoying the story so far (chapter 13), I am also finding the character development incredible, I hope things continue this way because I am very expectant. I don't know how to do a review so that's it, I hope it is readable at least because I'm using the google translator haha ;-;



The story so far is really good! Writing is Enjoyable and easy to follow with a good quallity! Main Character is likeable and doesn‘t feel overpowered or overrated so fare!(chapter 18) Worldbuilding seems good, looking foreward to the game-part! One of the best books on webnovel and remembring the authors earlier work so much delicious sounding food is going to appear!


Reveal spoiler


Very good story. Read up to chapter 46 so far. All characters seen in the story are well written that they come across as unique, real humans. I like the fact that the game is personalised to the character, making the game unique and gives a closer relation and meaning to the MC.


Im going to give it a 4.98 simply because the last .02 is from wanting me to strangle a fictional character so much. Hope Tang FeiFei gets hit by truck-kun and reincarnated Into A junji ito story


Maomii has done it again! what an immersive world she is creating. The character building, the world-building, I can't wait until the game starts, if her previous works say anything it's going to be fire!


Author-san! I've been following you since haven online but i had to uninstall the app for personal reasons and its kinda sad that you didn't finish that story but I'm really happy that you decided to write another one! Hoping for the success of this one ne!


Although I'm used to the high quality of works Maomii produces, Falin Saga continues to surprise me with its great character depth and background. Each character has a clear-cut purpose that only adds to the story and with just 19 chapters posted a focused goal has already been established. I look forward to how far this novel will go and cannot wait to see how our Mc grows!


I stumbled here by accident . This a really good book can’t wait for more updates. Even if I read only a few chapters I can tell that this novel is one of my favorites😆🥰


I really love your writing style and I love reading the amazing story worlds you create! I’m super excited to see where you take this story!!!


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