1 introduction

A girl lives in Bangladesh. Her name is Sneha. she was 15 years old .She goes to high school. every day she goes to school at 9 am and after completing her studies she come back at home at 8 pm. when she was 15 she had a phone . she donot use any social media . after reaching home she took her bath and had her meal .after this she felt so tired and thought let's fresh my mind and started playing games in her phone . she almost played ludo .one day she was playing ludo in online mode for fresh her mind .to play she was playing a match with a boy . his name was ashiq and he was from india .after 2 minutes the boy send hi to sneha and sneha always think that when a boy message a girl first. the boy will bad sure. but sneha replied him by saying hello .

ashiq: what's your name?

sneha: I am sneha . your name?

ashiq: Ashiq

sneha:how old are you

ashiq: I am 18 years old . what about you?

sneha: I am 17 years old.

she was thinking that no one belive that i am 15. then saying 17 is better . because in Bangladesh

childs parents didn't allow phone before 18 specially for girls .

after 2 minutes

sneha:what do you do?

ashiq: I am a student.

sneha:I am also

then the game was ended and she went to her reading room for study by lefting her phone on her bed. it was like same as before days . but she didn't know the boy will be a part of her life.