Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet Book

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Fairy Tail: Twins of Scarlet


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An alternate reality of the Fairy Tale universe. In this reality, Erza has a Twin Brother, along with many other alternate changes in the Earthland. This story is about the Scarlet Twins and their life as S-Class Mages in Fairy Tail. The Scarlet Twins, A.K.A: Oberon and Titania! Get ready to be surprised and be displeased of the magical changes that Sir Author will make on Earthland. Wahahaha! Disclaimer: Cover Image is called 'Knight Emperor' from the game Elsword. Ezra basically looks like him with a somewhat similar but changed attire, except for the red eyes ok. Also, he is not a reincarnated individual or some shit like that, just a pure man that was naturally born in the world of Fairy Tail. Update: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and maybe Saturday or Sunday if I have alot of time. It would be in any time of that day, may be late and may be early.