1 A New Lead

The year is X982 and Fiore was just starting to transition from winter to spring. Even though it was only early March, it was rather humid in the depths of the Woodworth Sea. Here Rin and her furry partner known as Hibiki were following a lead they had gotten from a mage in Magnolia that there'd been a demon spotted in this vicinity. Rin couldn't know for sure the identity of this rumored demon, however, she wanted answers. Even if they weren't Demyx, she could at least maybe get some answers as to his whereabouts, assuming the demon was willing to have a nice chat with an undine such as herself. Aside from Demyx, Rin had heard that most demons held other species with disdain and liked to kill them as a way to amuse themselves.

As the blue haired woman and the small, flying orange cat came to a clearing near a waterfall, they decided to take a short break. The cat landed on a rock and put away his wings before letting out a sigh of relief. "Hey, Rinny, how do we know we can trust that shady guy's tip? We've been trekking around this place for a couple of hours now and haven't seen or heard any signs of a demon, much less of your old man." Hibiki spoke with some irritation and disbelief in his voice. All the exceed wanted to do was go back to the guild hall and take a nice long cat nap. He was the lazy type, after all, a complete contrast to his partner who was kneeling down by the waterfall to get a drink.

As she walked back over to where her furry friend was resting she spoke with some irritation in her own voice as well. "Would you quit your complaining already you lazy furball? Do you think you're the only one who's frustrated by our lack of luck here?" After Rin scolded Hibiki, the two began to bicker even more until there was a rustling in the trees to the one side of the waterfall's pool. The two readied themselves, Hibiki shifting into his battle form only to be disappointed by the appearance of a white rabbit. Both of them felt like idiots as large sweat bubbles seemed to form on the back of their heads. "Shall we go home..?" Rin suggested to her partner meekly to which he could only nod in agreement.

Hibiki used his wings to fly back to Magnolia Town, carrying Rin in his arms. They couldn't believe they would be heading home without accomplishing anything. Little did the two know at the time, what was to come in the near future.

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