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Fairy Tail: Sacred Adventures


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This is an original fan fiction of the popular animanga series Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima-sensei. All locations and any other canon content is the property of Mashima, Tokyo 7 TV and all other affiliated parties. Characters in this series are my own original creations along with some being created by close friends of mine. The Kingdom of Fiore, the year is X982. Peace has finally returned to the country after a long war, most dark mages have been apprehended by the Rune Knights while others went into hiding. The guild master of the once most prominent light guild, Sacred Dragon, is now known as Twilight Dragon and became an independent guild. In this time of peace, Rin has gone in search of her adoptive father who abandoned her years before meanwhile, the powerful dark mages who managed to avoid capture plot to turn the world upside down once more. Will they succeed? Will Rin be reunited with her father or does fate have other plans in store?