5 Chapter 5

(General POV)

In a giant fortress around 40 men and women sit around in the guild talking and eating food. All of these people are members of the guild that was just made, it's name is the Ghost Spirit guild.

Watching the guild members from above, 4 people talk to each other on the second floor.

"Do you have the current rankings for all the members of our guild Shireth?"

The young blonde woman gives the masked man a list of the strength and rankings among the guild members.

"Great job Shireth, it's necessary for our guild to become a strong power within Fiore. Once we increase our members individual strengths we will attract talented young mages to increase our guild's power and prestige."

Reading the list Preo frowns at the individual weakness of their guild. While he had three commanders of around B-Rank strength, Shireth a female lightning mage, Lakina a female earth mage and Saradi a female plant mage, most of his guild was around D-Rank to C-Rank strength. Only 14 of the guild members were C-Rank while the rest were just D-Rank.

Preo wrote up a training regiment for his guild members that they would follow while they complete missions. During the next two weeks Preo would pay for guild housing to be built and he would go on quick dark guild hunts to raid for supplies, money and more members. This boosted the income of the Ghost Spirit guild as the increase in members individual strength and efficiency in completing jobs accelerated to an enormous degree. When these poor souls where in dark guilds working as criminals, they never got any formal training in magic but with the guidance of the 3 commanders they increased their fighting force. Unlike most guilds the members of Ghost Spirit trained till they fainted, pushing themselves to the absolute limit possible. This process of recruitment and improvement in strength would go on for 2 entire years without any interruption.

(2 Years Later)

A dark mage falls to her knees as she looks up at her conqueror. This man was known as the Ghost King, the guildmaster of the Ghost Spirit guild. This attack on this dark guild started from a coalition that the famous guilds of Fairy Tail, Phantom Lord and Ghost Spirit started to get rid of an upcoming threat that may join the fearsome the Balam Alliance. This dark guild named Demon Queen, had 4 female S-Rank mages that each used a variation of dark magic. These 4 mages were feared among the dark guilds and were invited to join the Balam Alliance, Preo had gotten news of this through his spies he put in the alliance. He got enough evidence to present the problem to the magic council and they announced a coalition between the 3 strong guilds...Unfortunately one of the guilds didn't want to join unless they were the leader of the coalition.

(3 Months Ago)

3 of the strongest mages in Fiore sit in a room with 2 of their guild mates. In one of the seats there is a small old man with white hair, standing to the right of the old man is a dashing blond young man with a scar marking his face, and on his left side is a man with red hair wearing a dark cloak. These three are Makarov, the guildmaster of the Fairy Tail guild, Laxus, one of the few S-Rank mages of Fairy Tail and Gildarts the strongest S-Rank mage of Fairy Tail.

In one of the other seats is a an evil looking man with an evil mustache named Jose Porla, the guildmaster of the strongest guild in Fiore, the Phantom Lord guild. Next to him stand Aria, leader of the element 4 and Sol a man with strange green hair and a member of the element 4.

In the 3rd seat sits a cloaked man with no recognizable features named Preo, the guildmaster of the most elusive and exclusive guild in Fiore, the Ghost Spirit guild. Standing to his left is a beautiful blond woman with sharp fierce features that went well with her personality, this is the Lightning Ghost, Shireth the first commander of the Ghost Spirit guild. Standing to his right is a pink haired woman with soft and delicate features, this is the Ivy Ghost, Saradi the second commander of the Ghost Spirit guild.

The three parties attending this meeting would all be forced to spend strength to fight the war against the dark guild, Demon Queen. The only thing they needed to discuss was the split of profits and spoils after the war was over.

"I believe that we all know why we're here so let's get it out of the way. I propose that the spoils are split evenly between the three guilds."

The guildmaster Jose Porla laughs pounding at the table in anger at the audacity of this weak mage who is too scared to show his face.

"Split it between us 3? I am the guildmaster of the strongest guild in Fiore. I am not giving any of the profits made to anyone. It's extremely annoying that I'm already being forced fight against this weak dark guild."

Guildmaster Makarov drinks from a bottle to appease his anger as he glares at Jose in anger.

"While the Ghost Spirit guild may not have as many S-Rank guild members as our guilds they have the highest mission succession among every guild in Fiore. Discrediting them as a weak guild is an insult that could lead to horrible things..."

"Shut it Makarov I refuse to operate under someone weaker than."

Flaring his magic power Jose looks down at the young guildmaster seating across from him. Just as Makarov is about to intervene a menacing deathly aura explodes from Preo as he take off his mask showing his ghostly white and black eyes, a pale grey skin tone and dark curly hair. Shireth and Saradi immediately knock out Jose's guild members with no difficulty whatsoever and a large skeleton ghost avatar forms around Preo scaring the Phantom Lord guildmaster as he stares directly at it's eyes in fear.

"If you ever dispel my guild as weak or less than others ever again I will make sure that the only remnant of the Phantom Lord guild will be the hundreds of phantoms left from your dead guild mates. I suppose threats aren't enough against a self-absorbed worm like you are they? Penance Stare."

Jose Porla's soul burns as his body freezes up in shock from the ludicrous amount of pain that plagues his soul. The man's body drops to the floor as Makarov stares at him in shock.

'Well, this young man seems to be quite interesting.'