1 Chapter 1

(Preo Strifude POV)

My vision blurs in and out of focus as decades of memories flash in my head causing me to clutch my head in severe pain.

[System is starting up in 3, 2, 1, welcome host to the world of Fairy Tail. You may recognize the name from your time in your original world. This is a world of magic where any normal person can die to literally anything. Work hard to complete your mission to get access to worlds and universes beyond this one. As a bonus for this being your first mission the host has been gifted a starter pack, take care and good luck to you.]

I stare blankly at the blue screen in front of my face as I sigh in relief.

'That torturous hell was horrible, I'm surprised I'm still sane after experiencing the pain and the stress put on my soul during reincarnation. I refuse to ever die again and suffer like that ever again.'

I click on the new notification that popped up on the blue screen.

[Starter Pack: Fire Magic Level 1/100, Fireball Spell, 1x Tent, 1x Sleeping Bag, 1x Flare, 1x Flashlight.]

[Fire Magic is magic from the anime Fairy Tail that allows the user to create and control fire to a limited degree. This magic can be evolved to a higher level.]

[Fireball is a spell from the anime Fairy Tail that allows the user to breath out a single fireball at a time.]

Once again I clutch my head in pain as I experience how to use fire magic at a basic level through implanted memories. After spending a few hours going over all memories and experiences I get up with a devilish smirk.

'The wonders of magic, such an incredible source of energy that can be used to manipulate the natural laws that govern the cosmos and I now have access to it.'

My loud sinister cackle echos throughout the forest.


[Name: Preo Strifude

Age: 8

Strength: Below D-Rank

Speed: Below D-Rank

Durability: Below D-Rank

Endurance: Below D-Rank

Magic Power: D-Rank

Magic: Fire Magic Level 1/100

Magic Spells: Fireball

Evolution Coins: 0

Roulette Coins: 0]

'What use do evolution and roulette coins have and how can I obtain them?'

[Evolution coins can be used to evolve magic into higher forms or into specific branches of that magic. Roulette coins on the other hand can be used to spin the roulette wheel to aquire new magic without needing to learn it. The host can obtain both evolution and roulette coins by completing missions that will be randomly assigned based on the circumstances.]

'So I can theoretically get fire dragon slayer magic by evolving my current fire magic.'

[Yes but the options available for evolution are completely random. It all depends on luck to get a specific branch of fire magic.]

'You mentioned something about a mission I need to complete?'

[World Mission: Become The Strongest Being.]

'This is going to be incredibly difficult isn't it? What a drag, thankfully I have cheats that I can exploit to make the talent and work of others completely meaningless.'

I get up from the floor and I channel my magic power towards my palm as a small red orange flame flickers in and out of existence and I feel a slight burn.

'I don't think this can even hurt anyone. The heat coming off this flame is ridiculously underwhelming.'

[Host's fire magic is only at level 1 so it's very weak but once you level it up through continuous use or killing other organisms with it, the hosts control over fire will increase and your flames will become hotter and more destructive.]

'No matter, this world is full of kind people that I can exploit. Most of the villains in the series of fairy tail weren't even bad people and almost all of them had their motives completely flip on their heads after being beaten. I rose to the top in my last life and I'll do it again here, no matter the cost. Whether that be the lives of others, people I love, or my own soul.'

And with that last thought my training for the next two months began.

(2 Months Later)

Quietly sneaking around in the dense forest I approach a large boar eating vegetation from a tree.

'Well aren't I lucky, this is the first animal I've found that has its own magic power.'

Ramping up a portion of my magic power in my chest a red magic circle forms at the center of my face as I take a deep breath.

[Fire Magic: Fireball]

A large fireball is shot from my mouth hitting the giant boar's side, burning through it's hide and criticality woundings it and it shrieks in pain as it's instinct to run away shows itself.

Running straight after it I pull out my selfmade spear and I reinforce it with magic before throwing it with all my strength.


It pierces through the boars head and a system notification rings in my head.

[Mission: Kill A Monster Has Been Completed.]

[Host Has Received: 1x Leather Shirt, 1x Leather Pants, 1x Pair Of Leather Boots, 1x Leather Canteen, 1x Leather Backpack.]

'I still haven't figured out where I am in this world, it would be a disaster for me if I'm stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. The only hope I have at finding civilization is to continue wandering in a single direction until I find something.'

'My current strength isn't sufficient enough to be by myself in the wild, once I come upon a village I need to restock my supplies. I've had a problem with finding food, although my magic power can sustain me for a while it's necessary to eat food to grow stronger. I want to advance my strength as quickly as possible, I have no idea what time period I'm in so I can't rely on going to magnolia and becoming a Fairy Tail member.'

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