1 Chapter 1

The doors of the guild open and a young woman comes running into the guild.

He takes a few steps into the guild and then falls over.

Natsu, Gray Lucy and Erza run to her.

Everything is ok Lucy shouts.

The girl on the floor quietly says I'm hungry.

Lucy, Gray and Natsu look at each other and start laughing.

If that's all it is, then all is well. Says Lucy.

Mirajane comes with a plate of food.

The girl on the floor begins to eat.

After she finishes eating, Natsu asks.

Who are you and what are you doing in our guild.

The girl looks at Natsu then jumps up and hugs Natsu.

Natsu, it's you, we haven't seen each other in so long.

The whole guild says WHAT.

Lucy says. Natsu what are you doing.

I-I'm not doing anything I don't even know who that is.

Who are you asking. Lucy.

Nah, I'm Natsu's sister.

Please What!!! You can hear the whole guild saying

Natsu, you have a sister. Says Gray.

No, I don't have a sister. Now tell me who you really are, and can you let go of me?

Yes, okay, but I am your sister. I am your sister.

But how is that possible?

I don't know, I found a picture of you at my house when you were little.

But how is that possible I met people for the first time at Fairy tail.

I don't know but here I can show it to you.

The girl takes a picture out of her bag and gives it to Natsu.

That's really me.

Natsu turns the picture over and on the back is written.

Lily this is your brother.

So your name is Lily. Natsu asks.

Lily is a young blonde girl wearing a small skirt and a t-shirt.

She has big breasts. She has a similar figure to Lucy.

Lucy doesn't like all this right now.

Okay then, it looks like you're going to be my hardest one, so who cares?

A new ghost comes from behind.

Oh, master, says Erza, who has joined us in the meantime.

A new face are you the young lady.

The master is now standing next to Natsu.

Hello, I am Lily Natsu's heaviest.

What Natsu, you have a sister. Says the master and looks at Natsu.

Yes, Grandpa, but this is the first time I've heard that.

Okay then, would you like to join the guild? The master asks Lily.

Yes, I would love to.

Lucy doesn't like that at all.

She gives Natsu a dirty look, but he doesn't notice.

Lily gets the sign of Fairy Tail on her right hand, just like Lucy.

Let's give Natsu another hand then. Lucy asks.

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