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Faded Memories and Feelings. (Pokemon)


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What is Faded Memories and Feelings. (Pokemon)

Read Faded Memories and Feelings. (Pokemon) fanfiction written by the author Hyberions on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, r18, sliceoflife, anime, yuri. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A woman with pretty great luck was living her best life, but it came at the cost of everyone around her being struck with misfortune on extreme levels. It was as if she was absorbing their luck for herself. Her birth parents? Died on her fourth birthday soon after she blew out the candles on her cake. Her friends? She didn't have any due to everyone avoiding her because of the rumors. The brave ones that ignored those rumors? Broken bones and muscle tears were a common occurrence for them. Her various girlfriends? One contracted ovarian cancer and was there with her in her final moments. The others ended up dying in much less peaceful ways. Her pets? Turned up dead on her doorstep whenever she tried having one. She grew complacent with her situation for some time and fell down a deep hole of casual one-night stands, drinking, drugs, and depression. It took years, but she finally managed to scrape herself together and make something of herself. She became a successful CEO to one of the largest fashion industry giants, a talented musical artist, a popular model, but most importantly, she was happy once more. Misfortune affected everyone but her for years; or at least, that was what she thought. One late winter night, she was heading back to her lonely, cold, apartment after a sexual rendezvous in a nearby hotel was over, when she died. The cause of death? Lightning repeatedly struck her body thirteen times consecutively, frying her body. The chance of that happening was astronomically low, yet she was 'lucky' enough for it to happen to her. The woman died with a smile on her face, she was finally no longer a burden to the earth, to humanity. She could finally rest eternally without causing anyone else any more pain. She never really felt that she belonged in that world in the first place anyway. Waking up she found herself motionless, drifting off in a seemingly endless void; until a voice spoke out to her, disturbing her otherwise peaceful send-off to the afterlife. She was given a chance to live in the world of Pokemon; a series she loved dearly, mainly due to her own pokemon not dying as her IRL pets did, and some life-changing secrets were revealed. It was her escape from reality in her past life, and it was now her actual reality in her new one. ( I do not own Pokemon, or any images used either for the cover or inside of the fic. There will be an MC from my MHA book showing up in this book, making this a shared universe, so don't be alarmed. Extra tags: #Harem , #Romance , #Action , #Slowpaced , #Femalelead, #OPMC , #Wishfulfilment)


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This is a Pokemon book, read the synopsis if you haven't already, there are some tags in there. I have no idea what else to write here, so I'm just going to give you a picture of Lusamine before calling it a day, enjoy.


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A good fanfic. The plot is nice and the MC is realistic. The added gods to the story are a little overboard, and I would prefer if it focused on the pokemon world. I hope that the author continues this because it has a lot of potential.


Great story and can you make a list of Pokemon she will have in the future. Also don't forget to put more chapters in and will she have a big Wedding and have three wives too .








have a lot of potential. For now stay very good please continue the history with this quality i love the personality of arceus like veldora


I AM ALWAYS DOWN FOR A NEW POKEMON FANFIC, already giving 5 stars since i liked your other story too. so i hope you dont drop this good luck👍


this book is amazing. I lost count of how many times I laughed before even the fifth chapter. unfortunately the updates are irregular, but with how long the chapters are that's more than made up for. basically prepare for your neighbors to think you've gone crazy with how much this will make you laugh, and prepare for the depression to hit when you realize you've reached the latest chapter and will have to wait a while for the next update.


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Overall a top notch Pokemon novel, I found it was hard to find a well written and developed Pokemon novel and stumbled upon this. Everything is essentially perfect except for the fact that the updates a fairly slow and/or delayed, but as this is due to personal reasons I’m not going to complain. The characters and story/plot have been written extremely well, would like to see some more generally Pokemon-esque type themes in a Pokemon novel such as Pokemon related content (battling, training etc.), which is what I assume is going to occur within the next few chapters. I personally think that this is probably one of the best Pokemon novels I have read up to date. Overall: very good novel, highly underrated. Recommended to all.




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