1 1-Boredom

Ink was bored.

Nothing new, really. Boredom was now an everyday part of his life, something familiar and frustrating, like losing the TV remote. You absolutely hated losing it, but at the same time, if you didn't lose the remote for a few days, you would become suspicious and worried, because losing the remote was now a habit. A hate-love relationship.

But the thing was, Ink hated being bored through and through. He hated it, even more than rip-off paints. It was familiar, sure, but being bored got pretty boring quickly. Not having anything to do wasn't the problem; It was the fact that Ink had no-one to be with most of the time, nobody to do things with, no one to properly talk to when he was feeling down.

Ink sighed, floating around in his familiar place, the doodle sphere. Examining all the different au islands, Ink sighed again.

There was Dream, the quiet but positive protector of dreams and happiness (as his name implied). He could visit Dream! But… Ink had already bothered Dream enough with his childish pleas to paint and draw. Plus, Ink was pretty sure that Dream was going through another rough stage with his brother… Better not to bother him, then.

Blueberry! That lovable kind ball of energy! Ink could ask him to paint!

But…wasn't Blue on a vacation with his Papyrus and the others? Maybe Ink could join them, then! Ink sighed even deeper this time. No… he didn't show himself to other people unnecessarily if he could help it… It was easier that way… less questions. That was Error's job. To cause chaos and panic by revealing himself and trying to destroy the place WHEN HE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO.

Error! Ink thought, shooting up from his seat in the air.

Maybe Error could teach Ink how to knit and make puppets, and Ink could teach him how to draw and paint better in return! Ink sullenly remembered Errors resistance against anyone trying to be their friend other than Blueberry, especially if it was Ink. But they were friends! Error just didn't like to admit it.

Anyways, him and Error weren't really on such good terms lately. It was understandable. Ink was a creator, someone who marveled and cherished all beauty in life, while Error was a destroyer, a-

Ink paused mid rant.

Error probably had a tragic backstory, the way that he acted. No one hates living things and wants to destroy everything from the moment that they're born, right? So something must have happened to make Error the…charming guy he was.

Ink beamed, delighted and determined.

He had found a new mission!


What a creative name for the operation.

Wait…Ink thought.

Didn't those mean characters in those animes that Undyne and Alphys watch have tragic backstories too?!

Ink chuckled, remembering the time when Asgore had asked what this 'anime' was, and Frisk had replied with 'Cartoons with swords'


Good times.

Ink was suddenly hit with that drawing Error tried to do of him.

That thing.

Ink shuddered. He preferred not to think about it. It wasn't that it was bad, it was just… the drawing wasn't made with… heart.

As a rule of line, Ink poured his whole heart into whatever he painted or created.

Error didn't seem to understand what it meant to do something from your heart.

Ink lay back down in the air. He covered his eyesockets with an arm, sighing. What good was having emotions when there was nobody around to react and see and respond?

He rolled over, irritated. His eyes changed to darker colors.

Ink was irritated with his creator, who abandoned him, and caused him to be what he was now.

Ink was a protector, a creator who brang joy and happiness to other creations. But could not feel any real emotions himself.


He was frustrated with Himself, too.

Ink had seen many versions of different Sanses. All of them had their own Papyrus, their own friends.

So why didn't Ink?

Even Error had someone… kind of…

Ink had recently seen evidence of an error Papyrus and an error Undyne existing.

Interesting… he hope that this current au would go on.


What Ink really needed was someone he could dump all his troubles on.


Too bad there was no one like that around.

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