Face Series #1: Loving Her Eyes Book

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Face Series #1: Loving Her Eyes


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-Ella Mackenzie Adrianna Alejandro- "On the first met under the sunsets... everything was pure and innocents. 'Others' believe that sunsets were the end of everything, but these two... change for the better. It was for the better beginning and a new miracle. The heartbeats for each other were long enough to stay within those storms passing by. With those eyes, the world was the witness to their pure phenomenal love. They had witnessed the worst and expected worse. A thing that they shouldn't be with it. Love. Her mind was fragile enough to choose who she want to be with. Her heart has belonged to him because her heart howled it, yet her mind was finding his comfort. His heart will always be on her. He knows it's the one. His heart was only for her, there was no space for the others, it was fully locked inside. He knows he's the one for her because, on that day he step to the edge of her life, their heartbeats synchronized. Pulling and pushing each other fate ended up being collapse and trauma. Who do you think will last? Do they make it to the last? Who will she choose? The comfort zone? Or... The dangerous zone? No... They won't make it to the last. They were no last... Rather... They will make it endlessly."