38 38. The first victory

"Stop," Cressida said, gaining everyone's attention. "What will I get if I win?" She raised her eyes and questioned directly at the King of the South.

He laughed at her question. "What a greedy little girl, aren't you getting the prince?"

"So does you, then why the unbreakable bond privilege?" Cressida asked calmly. The more she looked at the King, the more her anger was boiling in her.

Leserli squinted her eyes at her. 'She's smart. No wonder Lycaon choose her.'

The King of the South laughed again. "Only if you win against my daughter." His words hurt Leserli, the faith and trust he has on her were hurting her.

"If I do, what can you give?" Cressida said to the King. Her fierce eyes never losing his sight, they were burning for revenge.

"I can give you anything. I have everything." The King out the South said with pride.

'No father.' Leserli thought. 'I can't lose this now.'

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