37 37. The challenge

"The Lord of the West go get your girl," Zorion said, reading the situation and faces of the girl. He knew there was something skeptical about the girl he mentioned.

Lycaon gave Zorion a look then turned around and walked inside, leaving the throne room in eerie silence. On the way to the dungeon, the maids told Lycaon everything, her not accepting to show up nor to dress up. She was rebelling against him. Lycaon fisted his hand in anger, standing in front of the bars, he glared at Cressida. She was sitting on the ground with her legs crossed and hands folded against her chest. Her wet hair was tied into a pony and clothes were already dried. Gesturing the maids to wait at the staircase, he stepped inside the prison and slammed the iron bars, shutting them close.

"Do as I say." He said between his gritted teeth.

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